Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23/12/2015 Stream (Ended)

Hello Warriors,

Its time for a scheduled Wednesday stream and oh my... I'm being punctual tonight!

Depending how things go I may do a Tank Request or a Viewer Platoon! Also later on when EU goes to bed I will be hopping into NA as it became frequent, will make sure to take the Toldi III for a couple spins!

Steady as the Tortuga goes:

Implementing multi-turret and twin-barrel support with a 3rd soviet heavy line – Part III

Author: Thor_Hammerschlag

Article history:
Part I 
Part II


In this last article of the series we are going to discuss the top of the proposed branch of tanks with multiple guns. In the last article I introduced the T-39, which is first twin-barrel heavy tank of the line. In this article two more twin-barreled heavy tanks will follow. However, before these more modern designs will be introduced, meet the peak of Soviet multi-turret tank designs!

Tier VIII super heavy tank: VL

Developed on basis of the soviet experience in the winter war 1940. The armor of this vehicle is nothing special at the first look. The turret has 125mm on a round surface with a rather large mantlet, which could make it resistant to 175 mm penetration guns. However, the side armor at 60 mm could really troll a lot of people. The reason therefore is, that it has two layers of thick tracks on each side covering it. If both tracks get implemented as 50 mm spaced armor (just as on high tier Japanese heavies), the effective side armor without any angling is 160 mm. So this tank could be pretty bouncy on distance or when sidescraping. However, this tank is huge. I tried to calculate its dimensions based on the humans on the picture, the result was that the tank is about 12 m long and 6 m wide. This is also where the impressive weight should come from: 260t. Making it the heaviest tank of the entire game.

Korean WoT Players Aimbot Protesting

Thanks to 최종원 !


Hello Warriors,

I've been aware of this for a couple days now but I've been allowing the situation to develop but its time to put it on RSR (I'm pretty much quoting from the source link but did a few grammar/aesthetic changes):

World of Tanks has had a decent popularity in Korea, its age range is a little higher than other games but it definitely had a healthy population.
Wargaming Korea has been known to be pretty strict in banning players that abused missions and use cheats in game.
However this one guild called [PAPA] was infamous in the community for sharing Illegal Mods (Aimbot, Object Maphack, Reload) with each other and never getting banned. (The name meanings papa=father, meaning they are wealthy old players)
Finally, because multiple QUAKE (Another clan) members have been caught abusing rigging missions, one guy decided to visit the War Gaming Korea HQ.
He has spoken with the company and this was what they said:

Regarding the Aimbot:
The hacks have been banned as of 2015.5, and they were using it in April, we fully acknowledge that there were other players that have received permabans in April, but for the PAPA members, we do not know if they were using it with bad intent.

About the mission abuse:
We know about this, however how do we know if he was abusing with a good intention or a bad intention? If he did it with bad intention we should ban him. But he did it without knowing, how can we ban him?

They have also told the person that visited the company "Don't come anymore, you are only wasting your time"
Now every player, even the professional players who have been playing competitively for multiple years are all using aimbot, streaming it on the Korean streaming platform to show their disgust with how WG Korea has handled it.
Now WG Korea is going on full offensive, they are permabanning every player using the illegal mods, and they even personally track down the player's main accounts and give it permabans as well.
Giant number of players are quitting as I write this right now, are localized servers usually bad in management?
PAPA members are still abusing illegal mods as of recently, 1300 rating member's video:

Another one, rigging.

Now, this is what I can say about this situation:

T22 in WoT Xbox

Thanks to Zach H. !

Hello Warriors,

Besides the British turreted TDs, looks like the T22 Prototype is going to come on the WoT Xbox  2.5 Update and while Zach calls it a bad boy, I call it a cutie!


Tier: 1
Type: Medium Tank
Hit Points: 275
Weight/Load limit: 7.4 / 7.9t
Engine Power: 175 h.p.
Speed Limit: 38 km/h
Traverse Speed: 54 deg/sec
Turret Traverse Speed: 49 deg/sec
Hull Armor: 34/23/17 mm
Turret Armor: 30/30/30 mm
View Range: 260 m

75mm Gun M3
Ammunition: 50 pcs
Damage: 41-69
Penetration: 34-56
Rate of Fire: 20.69
DPM: 848.29

And I ask you, does it make sense that this vehicle is being added as a tier 1, behind a T2 MT and M2 LT?  I wrote down the statistics of the tier IIs bellow:

WoT Xbox: Toy Tank Mode & Emblems

Hello Warriors,

I only ask, why is WoTs PC not doing cool stuff like this? To celebrate the holidays WoT Xbox is presenting a fun mode called "Toy Tank", check out the trailer:

And the making of it (unlisted video):


The Unicum Guide to the T26E4 Super Pershing

Hello Warriors,

here is the latest "Unicum Guide" by Sliphantom, this time he shows how to deliver freedom with the T26E4 Super Pershing :

My sides hurt... xD

Righteous Portuguese Indignation

Good morning lads and lasses,

so I was doing my morning routine and poked in the man cave to give some coffee to Jingles who eagerly told me that there is now a Portuguese map in WoWS called "The Atlantic" which is based on one of my countries' archipelagos, I immediately rushed to my PC to see how it looked:

For most it may look okay... but I immediately felt disappointed.

The image shows at least 8 islands so it has to be Azores, but the islands make no sense. Now, I understand that there has to be a consensus between game balance and aesthetics but it doesn't even look remotely close:

39°28′N 31°13′W