Saturday, 14 November 2015

WoT PS4 Footage

Hello Warriors,

there is some gameplay footage of the WoT's PS4 from the G-Star 2015 from South Korea:

What do you think?

Wargaming EU & Paris Attacks

Hello Warriors,

I couldn't sleep last night over the Paris attacks, truth to be told, I worked and posted things on the blog until exhaustion caught me in a attempt to keep my mind busy... I was concerned about the situation in Paris in general but had my chest tightened for my family who resides in the area and Wargaming EU staff.

Through the night I've contacted the closest to me staff  and "stalked" online everyone I could remember, also many of you have been contacting me and there are a lot of forum topics all over the servers for one to be answering and wanted to wait for the dust to start settling before telling you anything as well.

Wargaming Staff has started to appear in the forums but their words didn't gave 100% certainty that everyone is okay but Ph3lan, a new Community Coordinator for EU/EN just told me this:

"Hey Rita! Fortunately everyone working in the EU office is safe
Nerves are a bit frayed but we are ok"

Pour tous les amis en Paris, je suis avec vous!

9.12 Hidden Changes

Hello Warriors,

I went on a 9.12 crazy quest, verified everything in the changelog (hence why it was so time consuming) and I've written down all the changes that weren't shown in the patchnotes and the last minute modifications on the new tanks. It's 6am for me, going to take a rest and later today will see if I can dig more info for you.

This is how I've written it down, to avoid confusion:
Module: Updated Numbers (Previous/current patch numbers)


Suspension Kanonenjagdpanzer

- Terrain resistance 0.7 / 0.8 / 2 ( 0.9 / 1.1 / 2.4 )
- Traverse speed 46 ( 44 )

AMX 12 t

Turret AMX 12 t
Armor 30 / 20 / 20 ( 40 / 20 / 20 )

Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.

- Speed limit 64 / 20 ( 62 / 20 )
- Hull armor 30 / 25 / 20 ( 50 / 25 / 10 )

- Turret Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) Ausf. G
  • Turret armor 50 / 30 / 25 ( 50 / 30 / 22 )

Rampage: Personal Missions

Hello Warriors,

these are the official missions for the Rampage mode:


D-1: Team Player

Primary Conditions

  • Earn at least 250 victory points.
  • Cause at least 3,000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles by shooting or ramming them.
  • Results achieved in all vehicles of your group are added together.

Secondary Conditions

  • Win the battle.

Reward: 200 000 C
Reward for Secondary Conditions: 100 000 C

D-2: Accelerate & Eliminate

Primary Conditions

  • Destroy at least 1 enemy vehicle during the first minute of the battle by shooting or ramming it.
  • Destroy at least 1 enemy vehicle by shooting it. Remain unspotted at the moment of its destruction.

HD Screenshots: WZ-131, WZ-111, T54E1, Cruiser Mk III, Comet and Sentinel AC I

Hello Warriors,

working overnight... here are more HD screenshots for you.

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