Wednesday, 13 January 2016

13/01/2015 Stream (Ended)

Hello loves,

 I've been a bit under the weather, been cooking some sickness since my first day in Cyprus but I wont stop because of it. Its time for my scheduled livestream.

Tonight hopefully will have Sliphantonthe author of "The Unicum Guide" as a guest. I will be hopping over NA to play with him:

Be warned, I'm a NA wallet warrior. :P

WoT PS4 Release Date


Its now official World of Tanks PS4 will be released on January 19.

To celebrate, they will be giving 2 premium tanks with special camo but unfortunately is only for those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus bonus:

  • German Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J-PS (Pinup girl camo)
  • U.S. T1E6-PS
  • PS Plus offer will be available in the PlayStation Store beginning January 19
  • PS Plus bundle will be credited to your account upon next login to your Garage
  • PS Plus members will periodically have access to special offers and sales

German Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J-PS Screenshots:

Australian Ace Matilda Restoration: Update


remember that Matilda "Ace" being restored by pensioners in Australia that I wrote on past March?

Link if you are interested, "Matilda Restoration, a pensioner's hobby":

There is a small update, they managed to make "Ace" move on its own power for the first time in 65 years from its workshop cover, there have been also some adjustments like paint makeover and placing of the 3" Howitzer CS Turret, Engine and Transmission covers.

Love the moment at 0:27, it left a smile in my face. :)

They have completed 4 years of restoration.