Thursday, 15 October 2015

World of Tanks Commercial

Hello Warriors,

check out this Ad from WoT called "7 minutes and you feel like new":

Should be like more like: "2 minutes and half your team is already dead!"

And why does she keep holding the knife after cutting the vegetables? I know why... I would also have homicidal thoughts if my house was a mess and my husband would sit his arse on the sofa playing videogames on a laptop instead of helping!

Or maybe she is just a robot doll being run by Windows 10 and her software froze, hence why her mouth stays open half the time.

Least to say... I hate this commercial.

Destroyed Škoda Plant Map

Hello Warriors,

The "Destroyed Škoda Plant" (Czechoslovakia) will be the last map of 2015 - it will appear in the Christmas patch or a bit later, it will come with Czechoslovak tanks.

This map will have interactive elements such as hangar door that can be destroyed by several shells, there are 12 such elements on the map in total, it's basically a WG experiment. Of the upcoming new maps it's the most complex and interesting one gameplay-wise.

Škoda T 25 and TVP-VTU renders

Hello Warriors,

here are images of the upcoming CZ tanks for you... unfortunately these are not real screenshots, they are PR renders with higher texture resolution and improved lighting:

Škoda T 25

The strangest fighting machines: Goliath

Hello Warriors,

here is the second episode of "The strangest fighting machines", this time they talk about the Goliath (English subtitles available):

Enjoy! :)

Jagdpanther II Armor Changes

Hello Warriors,

from one of our Russian comrades WoTLeaks, these are the upcoming armor changes of the Jagdpanther II:

Its a clear nerf as the mantlet and surrounding area will become less reliable.

Screenshots: LT vz 35, LT vz 38 and Skoda T-24

Hello Warriors,

screenshots of the upcoming CZ tanks:

LT vz 35

Stats and Armor model
CZ Tree Part 2 - LT Vz.35

LT vz 38


Hello Warriors,

Cant sleep so I might as well post some info while listening to my playslist...the Tankenstein has arrived to WoT Blitz to celebrate the Halloween:


And screenshots: