Friday, 24 April 2015

Rudy Tank to feature Sharik (dog)

Hello warriors,

as was speculated before, the T-34/85 "Rudy" (Soviet premium MT) will have Sharik (the dog) from the "Four tankmen and a dog" Polish TV series. It will be a full member of the crew, with skills and stuff. This tank will likely be available for sale from 9.5.2015.

24.04.2015 Stream (Ended)

Happy Friday everyone! So excited that the weekend is almost here!

Will be now streaming for a couple hours, first will start with World of Tanks and then maybe head to some floating things, been trying to get better at the American Destroyers (too addicted to the Japanese), let's do this:

Supertest map: "Czech"

Hello warriors,

a new map appeared on supertest. Here's the preview. The map name is "114_Czech", implying it will be Czech-themed.

New Ranzar video


24.04.2015 Q&A

- Storm does not know whether in the future the UI calculations will be transferred to a different CPU thread
- IS-4 frontal armor is fine according to Storm (RU players report a possible bug where the driver's hatch on IS-4 is somehow very easy to penetrate)

Details regarding the new Clanwars 2.0:

- The new map has flexible architecture, when needed the amount of provinces can quickly increase many times over;
- Apart from the traditional landing tournaments, there will be another way how to get a province on the map;
- New CW map will have the option to have some provinces limited by tiers (tiers 6, 8 and 10). These will reflect on the income from the province;
- CW 2.0 will work on seasonal principle (seasons with clear goals and winners) with each season having special prizes for the winners;
- Chips are replaced by divisions (units consisting of a certain number of require tanks), battles with one chip (one tank) on one side that are just a waste of time will not be possible anymore;
- Regions will be replaced by "fronts", each with separate tier limits, rules etc.
- There will be new CW currency: "influence" that will allow you to purchase things such as landings without having to play the landing tournaments, division purchase, upgrade and upkeep, increasing the profitability of a province, protecting a province under certain conditions;
- Influence will be obtainable by fighting on CW map and by participating in stronghold fights (these will reward influence as well as industrial resource);
- These changes are already prepared and will come soon (no current ETA though).

Global Map 2.0 sneak Peek

At the WG EU forums, Erissa (Hi, dear!) just shared a sneak peek of how the 2.0 Global Map will look like:

Auction System - Province Upgrade:

Global Map - Fronts Selected:

Armored Warfare: Reputation

At Armored Warfare, there is a new article explaining what Reputation points are and how you will be able to earn them to unlock new tanks, there is also a part about Reputation Penalties which pleases me to know they are already reinforcing a closed fist on the Afkers and others rule breakers.

Read it all in more detail here:

Happy birthday The_Chieftain

Good morning everyone,

today is Nicholas Moran's aka The_Chieftain's birthday. Happy Birthday Nicholas, wishing you all good things!

For those unaware, this lad is the resident tanker at Wargaming America and amateur historian, he does not only does research the tanks for the game but also creates informational videos, weekly live streams (with sing-alongs) and writes articles for his column.

Will be leaving here his links as I find them worth a every tank enthusiast time.

"The Chieftain's Hatch" column, he puts up a new article almost every week:

"Inside the Chieftain's Hatch" Youtube videos, not just informational but also entertaining, you can see him sliding down a Maus, trying to fit inside hatches and driving some tanks like the T-34-85:

Twitch live streaming, every Tuesday and sometimes Thursday, he does not only interact with the viewers but also has a good taste in music, you always will find me there enjoying my days off:

His social media pages:

Oh, and almost forgot, he is a certified badass!

Armata at parade rehearsal

Hello warriors,

recently, the T-14 and T-15 Armata tanks and BMP appeared on the Alabino polygon again during the Victory Day parade rehearsal. Their turrets were still covered by cloth but they should be uncovered on 9th of May. The Armata is the buzzword for all the tank enthusiasts lately as it is supposed to be more powerful than any western tank.

How much of that claim is the traditional Russian bravado and how much of it is the truth remains to be seen but there is no doubt that it will be a capable tank. Its price however is another matter entirely...