Wednesday, 6 May 2015

0.9.8 Common Test this week

Hello warriors, quick news from the RU server. The developers on have disclosed today that the 0.9.8 test (including the "garage battle" mode) might actually start this week, possibly on Friday. The day however is not confirmed.

Kanonenjagdpanzer, AMX 50 120 and M48A1 in HD


06.05.2015 Stream (Ended)

And the middle of the week is already here, so far all is going stronk, hope with you too!

Its streaming time for me, will be playing some World of Tanks, unsure if will platoon or do Tank requests:

184 Tank EU/NA.

Let's do this!

06.05.2015 Q&A

Not much for today:

- M4A1 Revalorisé ("Super Sherman") is not and will not become a regular vehicle;
- Storm confirms the appearance of the Czehoslovak branch in World of Tanks. It was already decided whether it will appear as a separate tree or as a part of the EU tree but Storm states he is not allowed to say because it's too early;
- Storm is aware of the fracked up T-62A model, it will be fixed.

And for today... don't we all recognize this feeling?

Berlin post WWII

Thank you "florica76"!

Very interesting video, this is how Berlin looked like in July 1945, after the Second World War:

World of Tanks: CheatPack

You know warriors,

I often say that my brain programming is incapable of hate, and is true. I'm very well trained in the Kolinahr discipline but this video sure is waking the fiery Klingon latina in me:

Let's do a game on the comment section, will call it "The Dumbcon challenge"! Its pretty simple, just count the amount of cheats/ilegal mods this person is using and give it a dumbcon level:

I wanna see what you got!

Wargaming, I know you are paying attention and trying to act against the WoWS cheating mods, which is very nice, but what about your biggest money maker WoT? Come on, I believe in you!

May 1945-th. The siege of Breslau

Another video of the "May 1945-th" series from Wargaming RU is now available:

Have to say, love the lady at 2:25, wish my grandmas had the "cojones" to paint their hair like that! She should have been the face of the video thumbnail, Rock on Maria Rokhlina! 

World of Tanks new trailer

 Hello warriors,

Check out this newest trailer by WG... but wait, aren't some things in it a bit off? Did I see a T-50-2 in there or am I wrong? What do you think?