Thursday, 16 April 2015

16.04.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Developers are working on fixing the World of Warplanes still;
- The existing bug where a tank sometimes "rotates" (spins) on spot will not be fixed in 9.7;
- Despite Storm's promises, the new model renders are still being released with unrealistic texture quality (not available for the in-game vehicles). Storm is not happy about it. The ultra-HD textures will not be released to public, as few people would use them and it's not really worth it;
- The platoon individual missions will be soloable, but they will not be simplified - completing them in platoon will thus be much easier;
- Some of the individual platoon mission parameters will be changed (not simplified, just changed);
- Regarding the platoon missions, the option to complete the same mission solo (but making it easier for platoon) is the best according to Storm: "This solution works both for players - removing the absolute necessity to look for platoon members - and for us - supporting the extra socialization."
- It's possible there will be some sort of "collector" medal (award) for those who acquire all premium tanks (RG: Hope it doesn't include the CW ones);
- Platoon searching mechanism will come in 9.8 (it will be possible to add people directly in battle);
- Xbox version of WoT has weather and it does influence gameplay - PC version will get it too but not soon (RG: Want that!);
- The Bigworld engine was updated in 9.7 because on the update depend new features and gameplay modes that will come soon;
- Motion physics - developers collected player feedback and are processing it;
- Havok will not come anytime soon;
- Kanonenjagdpanzer will apparently come in 9.8;
- In early May (on 9.5.2015 likely) there will be a special mode (as announced earlier) featuring the IS-2, ISU-122 and Cromwell - it will apparently be possible to obtain these vehicles via some sort of mission or so.

And the daily treat:


Armored Warfare Dev diary: Armor & Countermeasures

New Dev diary video of Armored Warfare just went live, this time they speak about the different types of armor and how they will implement it in the game:

So happy that the new stage of their alpha testing is up, been finding myself wishing to play the game between tests. Will be playing it in a couple hours once the servers go live!

Armored Warfare: M1 Abrams, The Whispering Death Part 1

At Armored Warfare the first part article of the M1 Abrams is out, another good read:

New world of Papoj

New world of Papoj is out, felt so bad for that FCM 36 Pak 40!

Wargaming RU tweets about WoT features

Hello warriors,

Wargaming RU uses the Twitter to sometimes quickly mention upcoming features. Here's what they wrote recently:

- another "tank marathon" ("grind a gazillion XP to get IS-6" and such) is coming (to RU server anyway and no, these events are not always shared)

 - new chat system will come by the end of summer
- the issue where you get the same map many times in a row is going to be fixed soon

The last one is doubtful and most likely a PR stunt, as Storm yesterday confirmed this issue will not be fixed anytime soon. Nevertheless, we will be waiting.

M48 Patton renders

Hello warriors,

here's a couple of M48 renders in HD - this is how the model will look like.

Kanonenjagdpanzer in World of Tanks

Hello warriors,

the following render of the Kanonenjagdpanzer (tier 8 German premium TD, here are its stats) was published via Wargaming social networks. Pretty nice!