Thursday, 19 November 2015

WoT's PS4: Developers Diary, Q&A & Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

I've put my investigating feet on and this is all the information I could gather from the RU and EN WoT's PS4:

-From 4 to 6 of December, World of Tanks PS4 is holding an Open Beta Weekend and no sign-ups are necessary.

-For those who download and play the game, two exclusive Premium tanks, T1E6 and M22 Locust with a special camouflage will be waiting in the garage.
-A Pz II J will be gifted to the subscribers of Playstation Plus and will be possibly be gifted as well to those who visit the WoT's PS4 booth at the Playstation Experience in San Francisco.

-There will be two exclusive maps, Ruinberg (PS4 modified version) and the largest map in World of Tanks “Scorpion Gulch”.

-Custom and free Girls und Panzer exclusive content will be given at launch.

-All the progress of the Open Beta wont be wiped once the game goes live.

-Besides NA, there are European servers for PS4. WG is also looking at another locations in more eastern Europe and western Asia.
-The European datacenter is located in Frankfurt. The Eastern Russian server location hasn't been decided upon yet but there are multiple datacenters for the PC version in that location which probably will be shared with PS4's.

-WoT's PS4 could quite possibly have the T-50-2 one day.

First Developers Diary:


The strangest fighting machines: Karl

Hello Warriors,

so I was watching random videos from Wargaming RU (catching on the Russian accent/words) and my YouTube feed didn't share this video with me when it came out, the last of the "The strangest fighting machines" and with my beloved Karl:

(English subtitles available.)


Clan Details

Hello Warriors,

this is how the Clan System looks now:

Clan Profile

Clan Search and Clan Applications

IS-5 and 907 Obj. Hidden Camo and Emblems

*Edit: Added 2 more screenshots with emblems.*

Hello Warriors,

more hidden camo (only a few will have access to it most likely):

HD Screenshots: Kolohousenka

Hello Warriors,

nearly missed this one, HD screenshots of the Kolohousenka:

Kolohousenka statistics:
CZ Tree part 1:

Other HD Screenshots:

HD Screenshots: LT vz. 35

Hello Warriors,

some more HD screenshots of the upcoming LT vz. 35:

LT vz. 35 Statistics:
CZ Tree Part 2 - LT Vz.35:

Other HD Screenshots:

9.12 Hidden Camo

Hello Warriors,

there is some hidden camo in the 9.12, things get interesting down the road: