Wednesday, 5 August 2015

FV3805 Restoration Update

Oh. My. Goodness!

Last night a lad pledged 5k pounds and collected the naming the vehicle reward! I couldn't believe the name he chose, its... Baroness!

Sir, I dont know who you are, but I'm going to find you and I'm going to hug you!

If you been watching me long enough you will know what it means. Baroness Cobra commander from the G.I. Joe universe is what you can call one of my "alter-egos", I've even cos-played her once during livestream not so long ago.

And on that I've decided that will bring her on live-stream once more!

There is also a new package, this one is aimed at modellers, for £500:

"An opportunity to access the vehicle and take detailed measurement’s and dimensions for the purpose of building models or kits for either private or commercial use. This includes access to the inside, outside and any other part we can open up for you as well as photography rights and access to any blue print we may uncover."

The FV3805 Restoration Project has now gathered over £8500 and we are at 11% on our goal!

Lets get this done!

Thank you everyone that has been supporting!

05.08.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- The NA community removal of the "negative reputation" button backfired: it was implemented for "experimentation of improving the community", however some really bad suggestions and comments get positive ratings, giving the completely wrong idea sometimes;
- SerB opened a private NA server account, nobody knows his username though;
- There are some issues with several Japanese HT models, it's possible the patch will be delayed somewhat;
- WoWs is doing fine, WG considers the game healthy and the playerbase growing;
- WoT for Xbox will introduce a Brazilian 90mm Chaffee light tank and it's possible 105mm Argentinian Crusader will appear as well as an undisclosed "obscure" Korean tank. It's possible these vehicles will appear in PC version as well but not certain;
- The new Japanese heavy tank name "O-Ho" (as introduced at Gamescom) is a Wargaming fake and was made up to differentiate the heavies from one another.

Gamescom 2015 Discounts (EU)

Hello Warriors,

the full Gamescom 2015 discounts for the EU server are now out:

-From 6 August,07:10 until 10 August, 07:00 CEST (UTC +2).

  • X5 XP for first victory of the day
  • 15%  on all standard vehicles tier VIII to X
  • 15% on all premium vehicles tier VIII
  • 30% on all premium vehicles tier VI-VII
  • Premium days
See also this year missions:

Japanese Heavy Screenshots (Low tiers)

Hello Warriors,

last month I've posted screenshots of the low tier Japanese HTs but will redo as some screenshots weren't shown and I actually missed one tank.
Will also be adding extra information and links to give you easier access to the information:

Tier 2 Type 89

Japanese Heavy Screenshots (High tiers)

Hello Warriors,

Have a couple new screenshots for you from the "Gojira" high tier tanks!

These are a follow up the previous screenshots of:

Tier 2 to 4 (Type 89, Type 91 and Type 95)
Tier 5 O-I Experimental
Tier 6 O-I
Tier 7 O-NI

Tier 8 O-Ho previously known as the O-I 120:

WoWS: Bismarck

Hello Warriors,

The Tier VIII Battleship Bismarck just made its first appearance in one of the GamesCom streams, took a couple screenshots and wrote all its statistics for the WoWS enthusiasts:


Survivability (85)
-HP: 69 200

Artillery (61)
-Main Battle firing Range: 21.2 km
-Main Battery 4x2 380mm L/52 SK C/34
  • RoF: 2.3 rounds/min
  • 190 Degrees Turn Time : 36.0 s
  • Maximum Dispersion: 274 m
  • HE Shell: 380 mm HE Spr.Gr. L/4.6
  • Maximum HE Shell Damage: 4400
  • Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell: 34 %
  • AP Shell: 380 mm AP P.S.Gr. L/4.4
  • Maximum AP Shell Damage: 11300
  • Firing Range: 21.2 km

T-72B3 Tank Flips

Hello Warriors,

"Ingo" has emailed me this gem, during the tank biathlon a Tank Crew from Kuwait flipped their T-72B3 while trying to show off its drifting skills:

These guys seem really keen to win a competition...

Croatian Military Parade 2015

Hello Warriors,

One of my subscribers, Cro_Lux uploaded this video of  the Croatian Military Parade 2015:

Tanks will come in the last bit of the parade. :)

Chieftain and O-I Update

Hello Warriors,

what I wouldn't do for you... got out of my bed and tank studying after a warning from one of my birdies. This information got leaked on The_Chieftain stream:

The Chieftain model is being redone. They are redoing it because it was a Mk V when they wanted a Mk II instead. Also, many bits like the copula and stowage bins weren't done right.

There were some armor screenies shown as well (note this is the Mk V):

As you can see the drivers hatch is going to be a "interesting" spot. Funny as I was talking about this subject the other day while down at The Tank Museum with a lad, after we inspected and measured the tank (The front is very thick and needs weakspots), we both immediately agreed that's what WG would do.
But there is a catch with the hitbox from that area, any round hitting the visor due to the reclined position will go through and hit the bottom of the turret. At best it should be a knocked out viewport but not a driver hit as is usually represented in-game.

O-I  Tier 6 Japanese HT

Couple armor screenies, there were some shown previously but this ones have more detailed coloration: