Saturday, 9 January 2016

Upcoming Tier 10 Light Tank?


hope you are having a most wonderful weekend, I'm nearly done compiling the first bit of information from Cyprus hence why I've been so quiet, there were British, German, Portuguese, Russian and Polish accents in the room and want make sure I get the words right. :)

It got my attention (thanks everyone that emailed) that another hoax has been brought to the English side of the community by people who don't have a clue on how game development works in Wargaming and have "talking out of their arse" as source.
According to them, Official Chinese WG server sources said that a Walker Bulldog variant as a tier X LT tank will be introduced, it looks like this:

I asked one of my Chinese (谢谢你,朋友!) contacts which I've decided to keep name anonymous to save him from being harassed, to investigate the matter and the "official" sources given are actually random Chinese sites who have absolute no affiliation with WG China and with questionable reputation:

How I know this is a hoax? Let me tell how it works, Chinese server doesn't develop World of Tanks. Simple. On top of that, actual real sources who work in Wargaming have told me this is a load of crap.

Maybe I just take my work more serious than others but this actually upsets me and delays my other tasks. I wont name and shame and just share this information because its my duty to not only tell you about upcoming content but also let you know when you are being mislead. I understand information has been slow lately but there is no excuse for people to start making up things for ratings.

Italy’s Big Guns. Semovente M.41M development, deployment and derivatives: PART 2

Part 2: Derivatives and Other developments
Author: Vollketten

See previous: Part 1: Semovente M.41M Development and Deployment

Semovente M.41M with accompanying L.6 ammunition tenders lined up for review

In Part 1 we looked at the background to the M.41M development, the 90/53 and its combat use in Sicily. In Part 2 we will look at some of the other projects which came about at the same time as the M.41M and after it and then conclude with a list of the vehicles which one day you could face on the battlefields of WoT.

In part 1 I mentioned that there were other concepts for mounting the 90/53 cannon on a hull. The use of the heavy tank P.26/40 chassis (a 26 tonne heavy tank with a turret which was effectively a medium tank by the time it was actually in service) had been envisaged as far back as late 1941 but the machine was simply not ready and not in production. As a consequence of this Italian Semovente used modified existing tank chassis instead for their gun mounts. Doctrinally the Semovente were as much if not more like assault guns or short range artillery to support infantry attacks focusing of the delivery of effective HE shells to the enemy. Being mobile and easily concealed due to their very small size these vehicles would often provide the bulk of the tank stopping power of the Italian Army (Regio Esercito) and this reliance led to a turn towards more effective anti-tank shells for them in the form of hollow charge ammunition. One variation on this theme is this vehicle below: