Sunday, 8 November 2015

Q&A With Wargaming EU (08/11/2015)

Hello Warriors,

tonight Ph3lan (Community Coordinator EU/EN), Piotr (Community Product Specialist EU) and I gathered in our free time to live stream a Q&A about the 9.12 patch for you.

For a first time it went okay and after invitation, WG EU has agreed to do this type of Q&A for the next patches as they trying to be more transparent (I will see if I can get them to make a more general Q&A and they already said that will be giving you as much information as possible in the future too).

I manually picked questions from you (comment section and forum) and tried as much to stay in the 9.12 patch subject.

And here you have it, Video and Text for which way you prefer, or how I enjoy to say, "Whatever floats your goat":

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