Thursday, 12 March 2015

Streaming WoWS! (Ended)

Going to stream a bit of WoWS, this will make me decide whether I will be posting information about this game or not on the blog.
I will be giving away some access codes of the game randomly and excuse my attire, been having fever the last two days and want to be comfortable on my Spyro the dragon pajama!

12.03.2015 QA.

A lot more going on today:

-While it's theoretically possible to generate objects on random spots in Bigworld (for example randomized bush placement), it won't be done due to map balance issues;
-Average time of battle is 7 minutes, although it varies from tier to tier. In last 6 months, it hasn't changed much (RG: As long it's not a tier 10 battle, those take almost the entire time and often end in draw);
-The option to "crush" a tank by ramming it into a solid object (house, wall) will not be added;
-Apparently the T95 specifically will not be buffed in order to compensate for its poor mobility on WoT hilly maps;

Extra Free XP on RU Server

Hello warriors,

and another interesting and unusual mechanism appeared in the events on Russian server. From 13.3. to 16.3., among all the other discounts, players will receive 10 percent of the battle XP as free XP instead of the usual 5 percent.

Additionally, being in top 7 in XP in your team will grant your 500 extra XP and doing that 20 times will grant you 10k XP bonus.

Your turn, EU.

New wallpaper: T34

In honor of the passing "T34 Marathon" that ran on the RU server, Wargaming has prepared a desktop wallpaper with the image of the main prize; I'm almost sure I've seen this wallpaper before, seems like they recycled it and connected it to the challenge, yet another event we are not getting.

More resolution options:

Upcoming Hangars (Picture heavy)

WGL Grand Finals

AMX 38, Medium Style


Ever since 1935, France was working on a new medium tank, intended to replace the ageing Char D2. It was supposed to weight 20 tons and was to be armed with a 47mm gun in the turret and one 75mm short-barrel gun in the hull.  As a result, in 1938, the medium tank "Char G" program expanded already to 30 tons, catching up to the Char B in weight.

That didn't sit well with the infantry the tanks were supposed to be supporting and in early 1939, their representatives turned to the Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX) company with a request for a 20 ton tank. AMX saw designing a new tank from scratch as completely pointless and therefore they proposed a project consisting of parts of two tanks: AMX 38 and medium tank AMX Tracteur B, projected at the same time. This 35 ton vehicle served as a basis for this new 20 ton "medium" tank.

Tank Porn: M-84

Check out these Yugoslavian M-84's close up video:

Have to confess, I played Barry White- "You sexy thing" together with it.

WoT Blitz gets fake T28 "Prototype"


In this article, Wargaming posts - strangely enough - the history of T28 "Prototype". Just to be absolutely clear - this vehicle is a fake, made up by Wargaming to fill a slot that would otherwise be empty, preventing the full branch creation. In fact, blueprints - were made, but not by American engineers, but by SerB's design bureau.

This doesn't come by surprise as WoT Blitz is getting same branches as the PC version and along with it the fakes too. To be honest they don't really bother me except when Wargaming pulls the "realistic" and "Historical" accuracy cards to nerf/buff certain tanks, that makes me frown.

You can check here many other tanks that are actually fakes or wrongly named:

WoWs Closed Beta

WoWs closed beta starts today, NDA will no longer be valid, so a lot more videos and info will start appearing. I personally already played the game before and enjoyed it, may make some videos and will probably stream it too.