Saturday, 22 August 2015

22.08.2015 Q&A

- Black Prince has apparently wrong winter camouflage resolution (the spots are appearing too small), Storm will investigate
- the armor values of tier 5+ Japanese heavies are made up by WG (no original data is available)
- Q: "Why was Jagdtiger 88 not made in HD along with Jagdtiger? Only the gun is different!" A: "We simply didn't manage to make both."
- it wouldn't be hard to fix model issues with micropatches according to Storm
- Lowe will not be changed in any way in 9.10 (some players claim the Lowe in 9.10 test plays too much with tier 9 and 10 tanks)

New Mechanisms in AW patch 0.8

Hello warriors,

Armored Warfare PTS (something like WoT common test) today brought unexpectedly patch 0.8 with a bunch of cool new features. There's a new map, a dozen new vehicles but that's not all that interesting really. What is interesting the new mechanisms.

First one is camouflage indicator - simply put, the circle around the vehicle that shows you the direction from which you are camouflaged and how much:

The "whiter" the indicator, the more camouflage your vehicle is covered with. Pretty handy if you want to know how much camo is that kemp bush giving you, useful for scouts. Second one is Base mechanism. Looks like this:

Bases are a combination of one man WoT Strongholds, WoT personal reserves and WoW Garrisons. Each player has one and developing it can lead not only to some bonuses (XP, credits, XP gain and the other boring stuff) but also to extend your garage slots for free and in the future some cool camos, achievements or even exclusive vehicles.

For more detail, check out the 0.8 introduction page. As for testing all this, the PTS server is located in the US but anyone with Early Access can join the PTS as well (it is no longer limited). So go check it out if you want to.

Here are some codes to help you with that


Meanwhile in Blitz...

Hello warriors,

World of Tanks Blitz has some interesting features compared to classic World of Tanks. For one, their "short 88" (88mm L/56) has more penetration (depending on what sources you use, you might say the Blitz one is historical). In Blitz, 88mm has 145mm of penetration.

But that's not all. According to a post on Russian portal, Blitz developers are considering researching +/-1 MM. In fact, the wording is: "it is planned"

And what about you? Would you like more penetration on 88mm and +/-1 MM?

T110E5 Armor: 0.9.9 vs 0.9.10 Test 2

Hello warriors,

from our Russian colleagues, a comparison of the T110E5 armor. It looks... satisfactory.