Wednesday, 25 March 2015

25.03.2015 Stream (Ended)

Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday, will be passing the next few hours streaming some World of Tanks. Will be playing in particular with the premium store bundle tanks so you can see if the tanks are worth or not.

New 9.8 HD Models

A45 - upcoming British premium heavy (regular premium, sold for money)

25.03.2015 Q&A

More going on today:

- The fact the T54E1 is a medium tank is historically correct;
- A Russian player was complaining that the LTTB is completely superior to T-43. The developers answered that the big difference is the MM spread and the role both vehicles perform;
- Wargaming is not ignoring players with rude nicknames or those nicknames that are connected to nazi ideology, they get deleted - but more appear over time, the process of catching and punishing them is eternal (RG: WG does punish people for that maybe a bit too much, a close person to me had to change nickname because she chose "Penguinss" as nickname, the double S wasn't accepted even thought she didn't had any bad intentions with it);
- If you buy the "tanks getting removed" bundle and you already one of the tanks in your garage, you will receive its value in gold as compensation, this compensation will include the price of the garage slot as well;
- The T14, FCM Pak, M10 Panther and the TOG will be redesignated as "reward tanks" - none of their characteristics however (the premium income and such) will change;
- IS-6, Dicker Max, Jagdtiger 88 and other limited MM premiums to be removed as well? "We will inform you about the removal of those vehicles when or if that happens. Everything in good time."
- WG denies that the reason the four vehicles are getting removed is because they are "problematic"
- It will not be possible to have the M10 Panther (or another removed vehicle) price compensated by gold;
- For now, IS-6 will not be removed from sales;
- It's possible the four removed vehicles will be obtainable during some special events;
- There will likely be third 9.7 test
- It's possible that in 9.7 test 3, premium T-54 prototype will be buffed (RG: If it gets buffed then I will want to buy it for sure, didn't disliked it on its current state but its not special enough for me to drop my money on it).

BA-10A armored car


Hello warriors,

Yuri Pasholok published a whole bunch of photographs of a unique piece of equipment on his blog - the BA-10A armored car. The BA-10 (the designation means "broneavtomobil" - armored car) was a heavy Soviet armored car from WW2. It weighed 5,1 tons, had cca 10mm of armor and was armed with a 45mm gun. Its 50 horsepower engine allowed it to go as fast as 52 km/h on the road.

Over 3000 were made, but few survived the war. The one on the picture was restored in Russia in 2014. It was not even complete - the restorers assembled it from large fragments (which were all that remained from the car). Currently it's the only BA-10 in Russia.There are two more - one is in Ukraine, one is in Parola, Finland (Finland captured a large number of these armored cars).

Malinovka heat map in motion

Ever wondered how the heat map (the map displaying player activity) looks in motion? Here's an analysis for patch 0.9.6, courtesy of "suslik_kun":

Camping behind the bushes on both extremes of the open field is the normal, not a big surprise but it saddens me how little players go to the hill on the blue side when is such a important position to control (I even go to hill with a Tortoise so I'm able to help heavies with my DPM), besides that, is actually nice to see which bushes the Lights are using to passive scout, except for that drunk green one that went into the lake.

Storm Briefly

- IS-5 will not be available to buy freely for money (it will be an event tank) (RG: Im happy its not going to be just a CW reward, it seems like a very fun tank to have);
- Historical battles will not come anytime soon - "we are busy with other tasks".