Wednesday, 3 June 2015

03.06.2015 Stream (ended)

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday,

will be streaming in the next hours some World of Tanks.
For today, probably will be doing some Domination or Tank Requests, as usual: 190 tanks and EU/NA accs.

Lets do this:

03.06.2015 Q&A

 Not much for today, again:

- Storm confirms that the female crew medal will be fixed;
- Newbie players did grasp the basics of Domination mode quickly even without tool tips;
- There will be a Domination variant where players will be able to play their own tier 10's and not the special vehicles;
- The 90mm T123 gun (the T49 stock) doesn't have AP shells "for balance reasons";
- The 25 percent penetration RNG also simulates the difference between various types of armor, shapes of shells and other such details.

And the daily: 
Thanks Daniel P.!

New Orleans Navy week photos

Hello Warriors,

Now that we are in the ships subject lets catch the rest of the wave...
One of you, Daniel P. wants to share his photos from the New Orleans Navy week, he was also kind enough to leave info for captions.

Westland Wildcat (HMS Lancaster)

Inside of the BL 4.5in gun (HMS Lancaster)

WoWS: Developer Diaries (Maps)

Hello Warriors,

I don't usually post much about WoWS (lack of time mostly) but do enjoy the game a lot.  Wargaming just got a video out where they talk about map development:

Question, who else experienced getting stuck in a invisible island/iceberg (colision wall) and getting killed because of it?

T-34-85 Restoration

Check out this Wargaming video of an T-34-85 that was found in Kirghizistan and restored, English subtitles available:

[9.8] Battle Assistant v.1.3.1

Morning Warriors,

The Battle assistant mod that WDC (Wargaming Developers Contest) chose as best modification and that Armored Warfare adopted (and made most happy) is now ready for the new WoT patch:

I personally don't use mods anymore and it has been like that for over a year but felt like sharing.

"Domination" mode stream Q&A

Hello warriors,

Wargaming made a stream dedicated to the new Domination mode and a part of it was a Q&A session. It was hosted by Aleksei "Inaki" Ilyin and Ulan "LIGHTMAN" Toleugaziev (developers).

Here's what was said in it:

- WG is now analyzing the economy situation of the mode (there are concerns players lose too many credits on battles). Credits are awarded differently in Domination than in random battles but if you make more than 8000 damage, you are certain not to lose credits on the battle;
- It is not possible to team damage in Domination;
- Two man platoons are not possible in Domination in order to make the matchmaker work faster and better;
- You can put crews from the same nation to the Domination vehicles but you have to retrain them, otherwise you'll be penalized for using crews from other vehicles;
- Domination tanks will be removed from the garage after the event is over but the crew will be moved to barracks and equipment to the depot;
- The fact the Domination vehicles are always on first slots in the garage is intentional, it is not possible to move or sell them;
- WG does not guarantee the client stability when using mods in Domination mode, especially the two-layer carousel mod in garage causes issues;
- There is only one special reward for the mode - the "Hero of Domination" medal that is awarded after first Domination victory.