Monday, 25 May 2015

25.05.2015 Q&A

 Russian server will be testing the CW 2.0 from 27.5.2015 onwards. Russian server 9.8 patch is coming tomorrow with Domination coming on a day later.

- Russian 9.8 patchnotes included a strange entry: "individual discounts for premium account". According to Storm this is a result of a description bug in the game that led to the wrong entry in test patchnotes. On the other hand, another developer on the official forums says something else: "This new feature will help active players levelling up new vehicles by giving them individual discounts on premium account using some vehicles of certain tier. The discounts are not limited by time. More info on this later"
- Storm states that there isn't a "whole bunch of game modes" in WoT because it would mean 30 minute battle queues
- the MM has one minute to create a battle using all the rules, after one minute the additional MM rules start to be "softened"
- Storm admits that the MM has problems: "There are problems, their solution is one of the things that are in the development queue"

Oh and this was posted by one of the devs on RU forum (text says "Wild hunt")

Supertest statistics

Hello warriors,

ever wondered what the mythical "supertest" is and how many players are there testing vehicles?

Supertest is an assembly of regular players (not experts or professional) testing various WoT elements internally for Wargaming. In theory they are all under non-disclosure agreement but from the previous posts you can see how well that is working. Supertest is exclusively RU-server. There used to be an European supertest but it was closed two years ago after series of leaks.

The following post (leaked from supertest internal forums) shows the numbers and distribution of winrate amongst the supertesters. There are apparently 629 supertesters in total with such winrates (Marokko is supertester leader):

9.8 Overview

Hello warriors,

here's the official 9.8 update video (in Russian for now). The patch is going out on RU server tomorrow with Domination mode starting on 28.5.2015. English subtitles are available.

HD T110E5

From the Wargaming video...

"Mammut" tier 9 on supertest

Hello warriors,

another German tier 9 heavy tank made it to the supertest, this time it's called "Mammut". It is one of the Maus predecessors, you can read about it here. Please note that this is an event tank, NOT the VK4502B replacement. The model seems... unifinished.


A version of the Maus tank from 4.6.1942. This 120 ton predecessor of the superheavy tank remained one of the stages of the Maus project. It was never built and it did not participate in combat.

Characteristics (100 percent crew)

Tier: 9 HT
Hitpoints: 2000
Engine: 720 hp
Weight: 120 tons
Power-to-weight: 9 hp/t
Maximum speed: 20/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 18 deg/s
Turret traverse: 20,9 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,726
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 740,4

9.8 Super Pershing: nerfed or not?

Hello warriors,

here's another video with penetration testing. Was the tank nerfed? Or wasn't it? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Reminder: 9.8 removal of premium tanks from shop

Hello warriors,

just a quick reminder: as was confirmed earlier, Sexton I, SU-85I, Ram II and Panzer IV Schmalturm are getting removed from the ingame store when the patch 9.8 come (they will be available in the premium shop until 8.6.2015).

According to RU server sources, the 9.8 patch might be coming tomorrow to RU (which means EU this week). If you want to purchase any of the vehicles above for gold and not money, now might be a good time to have a look at them - especially the Panzer IV Schmalturm - keep in mind that when it comes in HD (which should be according to developers relatively soon), it will receive the Schurzen (side armor) as a part of its hitbox.

Storm's mini Q&A (pretty useless)

- Q: "When will the issue with gold shells be exactly resolved? When will you hardcap them or make them more expensive?" A: "Never"
- Q: "T32 in HD sucks and it's too easy to penetrate!" A: "How sad"
- Q: "Why did you stop with gold-for-password-change events?" A: "I don't know."

About HEAT rounds:

- Q: "Did you change the HEAT shell normalization?" A: "Yes. It was 0 degrees and after long discussions we decided to change it to 0 degrees." (yes, from 0 to 0, not a typo, just Storm being sarcastic)
- Q: "Don't you fear that you'll lose the playerbase after such big decisions? :)" A: "What can I do. Sometimes it's worth taking a risk."
- Q: "And maybe you could multiply the normalization by two?" A: "Also an option."

Japanese Tiger visual model details

Hello warriors,

the Japanese Tiger in the game (Japanese heavy tank premium) is apparently not modelled historically correctly. An analysis came from Eun Sun Ae, a Japanese/Korean historian - based on the two published photographs of the Tiger the Japanese tried to purchase as well as some unpublished ones from Japanese archives. The notes have been summed into a picture, I think you'll find it interesting: