Thursday, 9 April 2015

09.04.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Storm reacting on the accusation that he's not up to speed because he doesn't play his own game: "Apart from me, several hundred people are working on the game. And all the problems are caused because I personally play WoT only a little? Are you feeling well?"
- Garage battles in WoT? "And why do you want it? I am asking so I understand what you personally expect from garage battles";
- If battles in WoT were more filled with action (faster), they'd become straining quickly;
- It is NOT easy to take real life scans or enough pictures to create an in-game model;
- Developers are working on HD tier 10 Soviet tanks but there's currently no ETA for that;
- Model elements that are identical to more models (for example T-34 suspension on Type T-34) can be copied from one another;
- Type 58 in HD soon? "There are other priorities";
- T92 Light Tank is difficult to implement in the game because there's no place in plans where to put it, development-wise for WoT it didn't progress beyond drawing an icon for it;
- Artillery re-balance will not come anytime soon;
- Some top tier vehicles have unhistorical guns because their real life guns would be too weak - if they were armed historically, they'd suck and the armor on that tier would be too strong;
- 9.7 will not bring penetration nerf;
- Despite the recent reveal of HD Hummel model, Storm confirms that artillery will be reworked to HD as last - Hummel is an exception because it's historical and it was planned for a long time;
- Regarding the Hummel, Type T-34 and Leopard 1 render - despite the fact Storm promised renders would be made using in-game textures, the texture quality on the screenshots is too high and the vehicles will not appear like that in the game. Storm reacted on that basically by saying that he needs to kick someone in the ass for that.

Vehicles in HD - Type 34, Hummel, Leopard 1

Type 34

Armored Warfare: M551 Sheridan light tank Introduction

Armored Warfare just introduced M551 Sheridan, a light armored tank designed for flanking maneuvers with powerful weaponry that can deal massive damage to main battle tanks.

You can read more detailed information about this new light tank here:

Australian Matilda Tank vs Japanese Guns

Author: Vollketten

In April 1944, the Australian Army conducted series of tests on the Matilda tanks they were using against Japanese forces. These tests featured a variety of shells - Armour Piercing, High Explosive and HEAT rounds fired from a ‘Meiji’ Type 41 75mm Field Gun.

G-13 in Thun


Hello warriors,

Yuri Pasholok made a whole collection of photos of the G-13 tank destroyer in Thun. Let's have a look at them. As he correctly states, of cca 80 "Jagdpanzer 38(t)" vehicles in the museums worldwide (or "Hetzers", as they are incorrectly called), only about 12 are real vehicles, the rest are Swiss G-13 conversions. Some even retain the typical G-13 identification (the muzzle brake and roadwheels and tracks on the sides).

By the end of the war, around 150 Jpz 38t vehicles were left in the Škoda factory on the assembly lines. According to Soviet documents, these vehicles carried the internal company name G-13 by then (this is unclear - other sources state this was merely an export designation). Apparently, these vehicles were first offered to the Soviets, but the Soviets refused. Luckily, the Swiss came along with their interest in them, a part was transferred to the re-estabilished Czechoslovak military under the designation ST-I. The vehicle roughly matched the Nahkampfkanone II prototype - the main advantage was that some were already assembled instead of just reaching the prototype stage.

In December 1946, first G-13 vehicles were shipped to Switzerland (the Swiss formally accepted the first vehicles in October 1946) with 158 being shipped in total (most were sent between 1947 and 1948, the last 20 ones came after delay in 1950). In the Swiss army, the vehicles had the number series of M+78000 to M+78157.