Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Unicum Guide to the Panzer 58 Mutz


there is a new "Unicum Guide" from Sliphanton, this time he reviews the Panzer 58 Mutz:

Those folder names... :D

Armored Warfare: Coastal Threat


this is the trailer of the map that is coming in 2 days on the patch 0.13, Coastal Threat:

-This map is going to be PVP but it's possible that there will be PvE missions based on it.

When I saw a sneak peek of this map some of its features looked very familiar, its because this is a complete reworked version of one of the maps that were available during Alpha testing.

Map size: 1200x1200
Green: Bridge crossing
Blue: Lots of accessible lanes, still, Green and Red areas can easily flank this location.
Red: Long fast lane, lacks protection from fire and most likely will be used by TDs and SPGS.

New World of Papoj


there is a new World of Papoj out with more WoT shenanigans:


Slava Makarov Q&A


Slava Makarov one of the persons who invented World of Tanks has spoken recently (please do not mistake him with Slava Lyushnya, who's been kind enough to give us frequent Q&As since Storm burn out and lost his position at Minsk):

-Slava M. doesnt like the new modes.
-The premium tanks are not supose to be significantly worse than regular tanks, the most important thing is for them to not be better.
-When it comes to maps and corridors, its not always as easy as it seems, even open maps do seem too corridorish to players for the sole reason they can safely move only in a small part of them, because the rest of the map is being too open and they will get shot there.
-Matchmaker is being overhauled as we speak.
-The devs will try to make the vehicle class roles more specific.
-Slava M. now has the main task of assembling list of current WoT problems, this list doesnt contain only issues description but also solutions and is 72 pages long.
-Regarding the fact that new maps suck, Slava M. said they are trying to hire back one of the old map makers who's work was highly rated.
-Slava M. about World of Tanks "We really fu**ed up last year but is not irreparable".
-Its difficult to make a full picture out of the quotes but is obvious that Slava M. is unhappy about Minsk producer's Anton Pankov work.
-Regarding the PVE mode, Slava says that there were critical technical issues that were solved only recently.
-Slava M. worked on Master of Orion, according to him the work is continuing and is cool.
-When it comes to the old whine that the engine of WoT is very old, Slava says that WG was working on a new engine for WoT for a couple of years now but there is currently no ETA of when the engine will appear in the game.
-Yuri P, published a picture of a SPG that has a 14round autloader, the RU players hope that such a thing wont be implemented.
-A lot of Russian players told Slava M. that they are happy he is back because he invented WoT while others completely broke it. Slava answered that they didnt broke it completely but it came very close (Example Rubicon patch)
-Replaying to the questions about where the SPG hate comes from, Slava said "That's because it really is killing all the hidden players like it was intended but the problem is that is pointless to come out of hiding because is killing everyone else and that was not intended"
-Slava will attempt to introduce rank mode to WoT.
-Slava doesnt like E-Sports.

9.14 Test Server


Just an update, 9.14 Test server is scheduled for the end of this week, for those interested to download, it should come on Thursday or Friday evening.