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CZ Tree part 1

 Author: SilentStalker

“So you want to build a WoT tech tree?” – CZ Tree part 1

Part 0 ("Why Czechoslovak tree") can be found here:

Hello everyone,

in the "zero" part I covered the basic "why's" and "how's" of the Czechoslovak tree and now we can have a look at the Czechoslovak tree itself. But a quick detour before we do that - there's one shorter topic that I didn't cover in the last part: "why is there no combined EU tree and tanks of multiple nations in it"?

Well, this option was actually on the table at WG for a very very long time. The original idea was to make player-selectable crew nationalities. At one point it was actually even considered (if I recall correctly) to ignore all that and simply add whole bunch of European names and surnames to the crew pool and leave it at that. This approach would be obviously quite different from what we have now and would be inherently problematic. For one, this way you'd actually negate the "we play our own tanks" experience. If you had to grind Polish tanks to get to Swedish vehicles or any other such combinations, it would essentially force players who actually WANT to play a certain nation to grind nations they don't want to play. That's pretty much a bad solution for everybody. Additionally, as I was saying, only a couple of nations can field hightier tanks without total clones or fakes. Those nations are:

- Yugoslavia
- Czechoslovakia
- Sweden

....and that's it. Some people mentioned Italy but - this is how Italian branch was proposed in Wargaming ( Anyway, back to the topic I wanted to talk about - tier 1: Kolohousenka.

Maksim Chuvalov Q&A

Maksim Chuvalov is an WoT Product Manager and made an interview for Russian Youtuber Amway921.

- Currently the historians and game balance department are researching Italian, Swedish and Hungarian tanks. They are trying to find Polish vehicles as well but there is no way Polands builds an entire branch to tier 10, highest realistic Polish tier is 4;
- It's possible more Czechoslovak tanks will come in 2016 (depends on info);
- The map Studyanki (named after famous battle in which Polish forces participated) was simply renamed to Poland;
- Berlin is a historical map, fourth in the game;
- Map Czechoslovakia - its fate depends on gameplay testing, it will be very hard for arty to play on that map;
- There are plans to add interactive elements to the Czechoslovakia map, such as hangar doors that will have to be broken down using several shells. There are more ideas, they have to be tested;
- All three maps are planned for this year - 0.9.10, 0.9.11 and 0.9.12;
- This year there are three more patches coming (see above);
- Czechoslovak branch will come in December (0.9.12);
- 0.9.10 will come by the end of August;
- Plans for tier 9 and 10 Japanese heavies were found in secret USSR espionage archives;
- More than 85 percent of people plays domination, average number per player is 13 battles;
- The characteristics of the Czechoslovak tier 10: weak armor, good mobility, good accurate gun and good DPM;
- It's possible tier 10 will have two guns to select from, depends on balance;
- Tier 8 premium tank for Czechoslovakia - no candidates yet (RG: this is outdated, plans for T 50 and T 51 medium tanks were found recently);
- It's possible players will have the option to get a unique tank for Domination mode.

ARL 44 in HD

Hello Warriors.

This is the ARL 44 in HD:

Another moving shiny!

9.10 Loading screen

Hello Warriors,

This is the loading screen for the patch 9.10:

Its a Gojira!

More Gamescom Q&A

- there will be new camo patterns
- arty will be rebalanced in 2016
- new modes with different amount of players will come after PvE and new physics
- earlier WG said that there will be no submarines in WoWs but now they are thinking about it
- it's possible the WoWs cruiser  class will be split into "light" and "heavy" cruisers
- if Master of Orion performs well on PC, it's possible it will appear on other platforms
- currently MoO has 4 races out of 10 ready
- Czechoslovak tier 10 will have an autoloader and good DPM
- the fate of premium T-25 was not decided yet
- all three shown maps (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Berlin) will appear in one patch
- the "moon battle" mode on Xbox was popular

And several more Czechoslovak tanks were shown:

Tier 1 - Kolohousenka

Tier 2 - LT Vz.35

Tier 6 - Škoda T 25

Tier 10 - T 50/51 drawing (by WG)

Anniversary gift: BT-7A

Hello warriors,

as was leaked some time ago, the 5th WoT anniversary gift will be the BT-7A light tank.To get it you will only have to log in between 12.8. and 17.8.