Friday, 5 June 2015

05.06.2015 Stream (ended)

Happy Friday Warriors!

Will be streaming in the next couple hours some World of Tanks, today I'm in the mood for Tank Requests. As usual: 191 Tanks and EU/NA Accounts.

Lets do this:

Note: Unsure about Q&A for today but will keep my eyes sharp and pause stream if it comes.

New Ranzar video

New Ranzar video is up, enjoy! :)

David Fletcher MBE Tank Chats: Vickers Light MKVI B

*Fan girl mode activates*

Funny how instinctively my mind was wondering when the next video of David Fletcher MBE from the Bovington Tank museum would be up and once I checked youtube *Bam!* there it was! 

This time, my favorite historian grandpa talks about the first British mass produced tank, the Vickers Light MKVI B :

May Contributors

 Hello Warriors,

third month now complete, and damn! What a ride!

Became single, changed country while carrying 2 cats and a backpack, settled on new place, went to my first convention and got to visit my first warship (with other little private solo adventures I deem too crazy to tell, maybe one day! :P ).
If wasn't for a very good and trustworthy friend holding the blog horses reins for me it would have been impossible to keep things going, cant wait to be able to squish the person with a hug as I cant thank enough!
It has been a little bit weird getting accustomed to being single for the first time in over 5 years but it becomes quite easy and enjoyable when I'm catching sun, drinking caipirinhas and enjoying the company of friendly humans at a random bar.

If wasn't for your support this would never had happened, Thank you!

As most of you know I don't run ads on the blog for your uncluttered viewing pleasure, the blog runs solely from Patrons support, if you feel like becoming one this is the place:

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*Squishy hugs*

Imperial War Museum - HMS Belfast

Hello Warriors,

past week after being all weekend at Comic Con London, Jingles, Eddie (The incompetent camera minion) and I meet SideStrafe and paid a visit to the HMS Belfast all together:

It was such an amazing weekend! Definitely want more of this!
(And nice to meet you SideStrafe :3 )

Refer a Friend – Updates

Hello Warriors,

  World of Tanks EU just posted some updates on the Refer a Friend system:
  • If you complete 100 battles in 60 days, you are granted Recruiter status. This status is now permanent for the account that you are playing on.
  • Former Recruits can now become Recruiters too when they reach the 100-battles milestone – this wasn’t possible before.
  • There is a third category of player – the inactive player. This is a player who has not logged in for 60 days prior to 4 June 2015 at 23:59 UTC. Players for whom this is the case can now be recruited in this program as well.

Not too bad, now just have to chain one of my friends and force him to play with me as none of them is interested in WoT! Not even my historian ex-bf/friend...argh!