Monday, 30 November 2015

30/11/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

I'm livestreaming the 9.13 test server new sounds and physics. I'm rabiosa at the moment because unfortunately and thank you very much Wargaming RU for removing the Czescholovakian tanks from the test server after only few days without a warning. I had planned to produce content about them today among other CC's and we are not going to be able to do our work.  A simple phrase warning that an entire tech tree would be removed sooner than expected is apparently too much work. G fricking G.

I will be going back to normal server as soon I'm tired of Test Server.

202 Tanks, EU/NA and my usual 80's:  

9.13: Type 95 Ha-Go Armor Changes

Hello Warriors,

took some screenshots (let me know if you want gifs like on last patch posts) of the armor changes of the Ha-Go:

3D Model

WoT's December Wallpaper

Hello Warriors,

This is WoT's December wallpaper which features the T30:

Other dimensions and no Calendar option are here:

Cant believe December is nearly here. This has been a very weird year I tell ya...Things went from 8 to 80 and I feel as much a bundle of joy as I feel miserable about 2015. I should start getting gifts for my for younger siblings and best friend/honourable brother. It was so easy to know what to gift when my siblings were in the age of 6 but now they are grown up, at least with my BFF is easy, anything sexually embarrassing for him to open near his conservative grandparents will do. hehe

Friend or Foe? (1942)

Hello Warriors,

Been keeping this in my watch-list waiting for a proper time to post it, check out this black & white video made in the early 40's to help people to recognize British Armoured Fighting Vehicles and to distinguish those from the enemy:

Love to watch stuff like this, my favorite is the production of the M3lee which I've watched 3 or 5 times just because of the narrator lines.

9.13: AT-15A Armor Changes

Thanks to Anh Tuan Duong! :)

Hello Warriors,

AT-15A armor changes for you:

9.13 Test Server: New Sound and Physics

Hello Warriors,

the new Sound and Physics have been implemented in the test server, this is what you can expect:

Changes to Sound Design in the Special Test
  • Replaced the current FMOD sound engine with Wwise.
  • Emphasised the informational component of sound. Now, the players always hear the most important in-game events first.
  • Fully reworked all gameplay sound content.
  • New battle ambience is composed of unique content, recorded at various proving grounds.
  • Increased the overall distance at which important sounds are heard. Now, all events for shots, explosions and hits cover the whole vehicle visibility range (~600m), creating a more informative and immersive combat environment.
  • Reworked the sound design for both arcade and Sniper aim modes.
  • Fully reworked the sound of vehicle engines. The new sounds are based on authentic recordings of WWII armoured vehicles.
  • Fully reworked the sound of vehicle tracks. Now, as with engines, the sound of tracks changes depending on the manoeuvres of a vehicle.
  • Fully reworked the sounds of gun shots, both inside and outside of vehicle turrets. However, the current system of calibres has been kept.
  • Fully reworked the sounds of penetration. Now, not only can a player identify the calibre of the penetrating shell—they can also identify how much damage the penetration caused to their vehicle.
  • While in Sniper aim, players can now identify by ear from which direction their vehicle was hit.
  • Reworked the sounds of tracers. Now, there is a discernible difference in how shells of different calibres sound when hurtling in close proximity to your vehicle. 
  • Reworked the sounds of vehicle explosions.
  • Reworked and re-implemented the special sound upon causing a critical hit.
  • Introduced sound notifications upon destruction of vehicle modules.

Changes to Physics in the Special Test
  • Increased the mobility of light and medium tanks.
  • Light and medium tanks will be more mobile, due to the fact that they will no longer lose speed when driving over various terrain irregularities (bumps, rails, etc.).
  • Vehicle turns
  • While on the move, press SPACE and a directional button to execute the clutch-braking manoeuvre(not available for tank destroyers and SPGs).
  • The ability to control turn radius
  • While turning, release the forward directional button to decrease the turn radius. Press forward again to regain speed.
  • New ramming capabilities
  • You can now turn over enemy vehicles by pushing them off steep hills.
  • Reticle stabilisation
  • By popular demand, the reticle and camera in Sniper aim are stabilised as much as possible. The "gun rocking" mechanics have been disabled.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

9.13 Tank Description: Grudge over Quality

Author: Silentstalker

Hello everyone,

as all of you already know, the Czechoslovak tanks are finally here and we will likely see them in WoT very soon (hopefully before Christmas). I was quite impressed with everything and all that, but, wasn't to last. In retrospect it shouldn't have surprised me.

This fail concerns the Czechoslovak vehicle descriptions in the game, which are... well... wrong. First a few words how did it happen. The "initial" vehicle descriptions came from the historical department and were completely wrong, sometimes so outrageously wrong that whoever wrote them didn't even bother opening wikipedia, let alone books - you'll see...

That's why I personally wrote new ones for Wargaming. 

These new ones appeared on supertest and all was well, but then they were reverted to the old state. Why? Well, that's because... politics. You see, historical department and balancing department in Wargaming don't get along (rather, specific people in them don't get along) and lately the disputes have apparently increased in intensity.

And so, the historical department in Minsk issued a statement that the texts that formally come from balancing department are wrong and all the descriptions were reverted to the first draft/old version. Why did they do it - most likely out of spite. Personal politics surpass quality apparently, just because someone's holding a grudge.

So, let's have a look at the Wargaming and my descriptions and compare them.

I will be using the English versions of course, the way they appeared on supertest.

Tier 1 - Kolohousenka

Wargaming: One of the first representatives of Czechoslovakian armored vehicles. This light wheeled caterpillar tank was developed in the late 1920s based on the suspension of the Hanomag WD-50 tractor. The vehicle never saw service because it was deemed obsolete at the end of its development. Several vehicles, of three modifications, were manufactured, three of them were supplied to Italy and the USSR. One of the manufactured vehicles was used for training purposes until 1935.

UHD 4K WoT Fan Art by LeoVinc3nt (Picture Heavy)

Thanks to Edrard, our Russian comrade from WoT-News for sending me these, always a dear. :)

Hello Warriors,

check out this UHD 4K artwork made by LeoVinc3nt:

This is a picture heavy post, if you are on mobile come back later once you are on PC/have enough bandwidth. <3

KV-4 KTTS Armor

Hello Warriors,

I've noticed many of you asking same questions about the КV-4 КТТS so I will resume all information.

The КV-4 КТТS an heavy tank destroyer, equipped with a experimental 107mm gun M-75 (ZiS-24), built on the KV-4 tank hull project and existed only in drawings was an tier 7 initially when we got first sight of it but since then the tank got modified and is now viable to be tier 8.
These are its current statistics which by the way, got changed since the last update I posted, pretty much all nerfs:

Tier: 8 TD
Hitpoints: 1250
Engine: 1200 hp
Weight: 99 725
Power-to-weight: 12,0 hp/t
Maximum speed: 35/10 km/h
Hull traverse: 26 deg/s
Gun traverse: 26,25
Turret traverse: 28
Terrain resistance: 1.4/1.5/2.8
Viewrange: 350
Radio range: 360

Hull armor: 200 / 125 / 125
Superstructure armor: 250 / 125 / 125

KV-4 vs KV-4 KTTS Size Comparison

Hello Warriors,

A Redditor, Rhoobarb2002 has made a nice screenshot comparing the KV-4 and KV-4 KTTS sizes:

He also screenshot some modules:

Mission Rigging: Letters from Banned Players

Hello Warriors,

after posting about the sh**storm happening in the EU forum about the mission rigging, some of the players that got banned have messaged me giving their opinion and reasons and I've decided to share their side of the story. On Friday this idea ran in my mind and I asked for your opinion at the time, you said you wanted me to post this.

Before we proceed, I have to say that I agree with them about the Personal Missions having beyond ridiculous requirements but I do not agree on these players decision to break the ToS.

I'm also very satisfied that many of you took the liberty to come over my livestream on Friday and ask what were my intentions (sometimes and mostly lately I often transpire as being passive aggressive with my words when I'm not) the reason I post when I'm live on the blog is because we often discuss content posted here and I answer questions when you have them.

To summarize what I answered during the livestream...
I couldn't have cared less which clans were involved in the video, yes it happened to be clans that the community considers "infamous" (see what I did there?) but if my intention was to name and shame them I wouldn't have tagged them with numbers (had to take screenshots although) and If I was doing this for the traffic... oh dear, I know and have far better things that could use for that effect and that would make you wild.
After receiving a email from the lad that I enlighten, I've decided to remove his nickname from the previous article because he wasn't the only WGL "PRO" Player that got banned, still... its beyond me how recurrent ToS infringes are allowed to compete on E-sports. I just cant take it as a serious sport while players who are suppose to set the example better than anybody else are left unchecked, rigging, using illegal mods and behaving like arsehats in chat with racist remarks (Not all of them are bad, know a couple good lads who are down to earth and play fairly but they are overwhelmingly surrounded by this loot).

Note: I asked authorization to them before posting these but I'm still going to keep their nicknames private.

Letter #1

"Dear Rita

9.13: KV-5 Armor Changes

*Edit: Changed the third screenshot*

Hello Warriors,

Anh Tuan Duong has sent me another batch:

More coming...

9.13: IS-6 Armor Changes

Good morning and happy Sunday lovely people!

starting my morning with some smooth music, dancing my way to a cup of coffee with cats and a strange rodent (oh wait is a small dog) strolling along, anyways...

Anh Tuan Duong is back with more of his nice images:

More coming soon.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Developers Answers

- the Domination mode profitability was reviewed and increased
- the issues coming from pressing alt+Q in the game at the same time were not fixed by the micropatch
- the issue where the HDD is constantly swapping in the game reading textures can be mitigated by reducing the visual effect quality in settings
- the bug where pressing alt didn't activate the alternative minimap icon vehicle descriptions was fixed
- Japanese TD's and Italian vehicles? "No comment"
- developers are not concerned that the better conditions of Blitz gameplay would steal WoT players
- serverside replays will not come in 2016
- Storm on ghost shells: "The ghost shell issue is vastly overblown. From 20 reports we receive for examination, only 1 or 2 are valid. This problem is as old as the game itself. There were no changes that would make this problem worse. We aren't seeing any increase of report frequency in this patch"
- developers will not publish any details about the game core architecture regarding the ghost shells, because these details could be used negatively against Wargaming
- there are multiple smaller issues with the game UI and game overall (for example the panel where XP and damaged modules are shown isn't working properly), that are right now pretty hard to fix due to the "Rubikon" fuckup because all the deadlines went to hell and developers are under a lot of pressure. Some of the annoying but non-critical bugs will be fixed in the next patch, which will come relatively soon.
- developers will be reconsidering the patch release frequency
- Storm on the player concern that the bugs and issues in WoT are reaching critical level "Yea but there are no more new problems. Strictly speaking there is no more increase to the amount of problems as such. The bad thing is that the old problems aren't getting fixed and player patience is not endless. I hope along with you that the situation will improve. I will personally put all the effort in this direction."
- Storm on being asked how he ses the arty issues as the main game designer: "I am not the main game designer. We have however described the way the solutions will happen earlier: we will experiment with some additional mechanics: smoke shells, artillery warning, illumination shells allowing arty to spot, crew suppression after being hit, parameter rebalance (damage, accuracy, reload, aimtime), it's even possible we will try to introduce some fixes to the matchmaker. No details yet. When we finish working on prototypes and there is more info available, then it will be possible to publish something. We are already working on these things."
- the complaints about the Swamp map (A4 sector, some stones blocking the way), developers can't find any issue there yet
- the reported issue where in Domination after a respawn the autoaim is not working could not be replicated by developers
- FV4202 marathon in 9.13? "No comment"
- developers have the situation with the T34 roof (allegedly too big a weakspot) under control
- the fact Kolohousenka didn't appear in the common test was a bug
- some players are annoyed by the Chinese 113 tank buff, the developers see no reason for the annoyance, buff is sufficient
- the balance department developers are playing WoT a lot
- the developers are confused by T 50/51 feedback - some claim it's overpowered, some that it's too weak
- the KV-5 armor was overbuffed, the rear hull armor will be reverted to the old level
- D-10T was not changed in the test, the penetration of LB-1 and LB-1S guns however was increased to 183mm due to use of different shells
- there will be no FPS optimization (the issue of FPS drop after spotting an enemy) in 9.13 - 9.13 will bring a number of fixes for the previous patch, new content and some tank rebalancing, no other fixes are planned
- T29 mantlet was not nerfed, the description (numbers) in the garage is bugged. 279mm stays
- developers are removing maps from WoT based on RU public voting in past three months
- Fyord map was removed because the gameplay on it was considered poor
- RU players are "hysterical" about the IS-6 armor nerf in HD - Storm states that there are no significant armor nerfs in HD, the only thing is the bugged turret ring (too weak from the front, will be fixed)

Armored Warfare Q&A

First of all,

there is currently a Black Friday lottery event happening in AW:

Round 1, taking place from the 27th of November to the 29th of November
Round 2, taking place from the 4th of December to the 6th of December

If you win 5 PVP Battles you will get the chance of earning some of these Black Friday vehicles (with some cool camo):

  • 30 x Zhalo-S MERC
  • 30 x VFM 5 MERC
  • 30 x LAV 150 90 MERC
  • 30 x AMX 10P 90 MERC
  • 30 x MBT-70 MERC
  • 15 x Shishkin Bundle
  • 15 x Wölfli Bundle
  • 9 x MERC Pack

The names of the winners and their prizes will be announced publicly during a dedicated streaming session and will be published on the portal.

Now, the Q&A:

-There are currently no plans to make a mobile version of Armored Warfare, but the developers are watching the player feedback on this matter with great interest
-Regarding the new premium vehicles – apart from the Black Friday event currently running, the Christmas event will have special winter-themed unique camouflages and bonuses. The developers are also planning to add the option to essentially turn every tank into a premium vehicle.
-Object 640 “Black Eagle” is in long-term plans, it might appear in the same branch as for example the T-80BV
-Optional spotting markers might appear as a part of the team list in battle
-Developers are considering adding more classes to the game in distant future, such as the Armored Recovery Vehicles and Multiple Rocket Launchers, but these will most likely appear only after the introduction of main game features and proper balance of the existing classes
-The “reload bug” will be partially fixed by the 0.11.1630 hotfix (possibly coming to EU/NA on 1.12.2015), the final fix of this issue will come in near future
-Regarding the speed of updates, large updates will in the future come once per month like they do now.
-Developers are now finding solutions how to allow the players to pre-load the patches in advance
-The 0.11 sound issues (especially the track screeching) are known to developers and will be solved soon
-There is currently no definitive timeframe in which the garage “armor inspector” (feature allowing the players to check the armor of tanks in detail) will come as right now the developers are working on more critical tasks such as bug fixing. The feature is however most certainly planned. Currently, the players can use the new Custom Match mechanism to thoroughly test vehicle armor.

WoT Blitz on PC

Hello Warriors,

this is a bit unexpected,  WoT Blitz will be released officially on PC this winter. The game has appeared in the Microsoft page and can be only downloaded by Windows 10 users.


Basically they are giving users to have the option and advantage of playing with a keyboard and mouse...on a mobile game. There has been a wave of discontentment in the forums but the moderators been removing the threads.

Storm has said: "We are not afraid of losing audience and we are sincerely sorry for all who play on the touch screen"

I'm very temped to play WoT Blitz but I've been holding Windows 7 like if I'm holding for my dear life so wont be trying it out, not any time soon at least.

Meanwhile in Portugal...

Thanks to Duarte Henriques!

Hello Warriors,

Meanwhile in Portugal, one of my comrades and a WoT player, David Moreira, decided to build a mini E-100, check this out:

Friday, 27 November 2015

27/11/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

Its time for a scheduled livestream. I will be playing World of Tanks for the first time in a week.
Some of you were asking if I had stopped playing the game but I just don't like to touch a multiplayer game when I'm stressed, in that way I don't have later regrets over typing something Klingon in chat and to be honest, doctor told me to relax and avoid things that could make me lose my Vulcan mind. *giggles*

Super Grille sweater.

Tonight I will be derusting and playing my favorites acompanied by my 80's playlist and lovely crazy  piranha chat: :P

Steady as the Tortoise goes.

Mission Rigging

Thanks to Greta Lovejoy-Fedora!

Hello Warriors,

its not a surprise that specially now with the T-22 sr. (an OP tank) as a Rampage reward and the lack of punishing action from WG support that personal missions have become widespread rigged, but this... this is just sad:

This situation have exploded in the EU forums (unfortunately WG keeps on erasing the topics) and so far nearly 20 people from the clans you can see got banned, at least 2 of them livestreamers and one is a WGL "PRO" Player.

What is outrageous about it, is that apparently they wont lose any progress on the missions and are allowed to keep the reward tank.

7 day bans are not enough to keep them from rigging, these people have shown no remorse on the forums and will keep on breaking the ToS.

I have so many questions...
First why does Wargaming keep on releasing these missions knowing that will generate this behaviour?
And knowing that they will generate this behaviour, why they don't toughen up their support teams?
Why are certain players allowed to remain/are kept on in the WGL after being caught in shady business or typing disgusting racist remarks in-game chat? (To note that WGL is not real WG and at this point and from what I've spoken with them... real WG staff is ashamed of WGL because of situations like this)

I receive emails of clans/platoons rigging these missions on a daily basis but its not in my interest to name and shame, IF (and I really wish) the support team would give me guarantees that these players would receive proper punishment I swear that I would take the extra work and compile everything you sent to me and go as far as creating an article on the blog asking for you to keep on the lookout but my hopes towards that department have been long dead.

Forum Topic about the subject (be quick before it gets erased too).
Clan #1 -- Screenshot
Clan #2 -- Screenshot

What you think about this situation?

Storm Q&A

There were talks that one of new city maps is going to be ‘Minsk’. Where is this map?
The Minsk map was removed from our plans.

The most important question, what is going to happen with arty?
We do not plan a nerf. What we are planning is a full rebalancing of this vehicle class. We want to carefully implement and test each point of the plan. We are also not excluding the possibility to limit the number of artys to 2-3 (with new achievements) or keep it the way it is.

What is going to happen with old Personal missions after new season release? Do you plan a new season?
We are indeed planning a new season of Personal missions (The old one is going to stay available, so you will be able to finish the current missions)

Any news about Japanese and Chinese TDs?
Asian TDs and SPGs will need some more time. They are not in our plans for 2016; we are still gathering information about these vehicles, but there is no special interest or special priority on them.

What is going to happen with European branch?
A common European branch won’t be implemented, there is an issue with crews for European vehicles. We are considering implementing branches with specific European nations like Sweden and Italy. Vehicles of other nations can be added as premium vehicles to existing trees or they can be added as incomplete branches with premium or action vehicles (like it was the case with the CN branch when we introduced the Type 59) without standard tanks.

Some bushes in the game are as big as Maus or Japanese tanks, what’s up with that?
Maus-sized bushes are a game play feature which is important in terms of game balance. The idea was proposed by one of our old contributors (so old that he is not working on our project anymore) in the early development phases. There should be bushes that can cover every vehicle in the game. 

M46 Patton KR & Pz 58 Mutz

Hello nocturnal creatures,

just woke up for some water and noticed pending work warning in my pc. Here are screenshots and in-game videos of the...

M46 Patton KR

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Small but Deadly Contest (EU)

Hello Warriors,

meanwhile on the EU server, Ph3lan, a WG EU/EN Community Coordinator has created another contest in the forums with very decent prizes:

  • The winner is the player with the highest total damage
  • You must play in a regular tank of Tier V or lower (no premium tanks allowed).
  • The battle has to have taken place between the 25/11/2015 and 01/12/2015 (23:59) 
  • Submissions have to be made before the 2nd of  December
  • You must not be in a platoon
  • Only random battles are allowed
  • You have to have no damage caused to allies (only purposefully caused team damage counts, bumping into someone doesn’t)
  • You can submit your results as many times as you like. Simply edit your post with a new result before the submission deadline.
  • You need to provide full screenshots of the first page of the battle results and the detailed report, as well as upload your replays to with links in the post.
  • In case of a tie, the player with the highest base experience will win
  • The winners will be announced in the forum thread shortly after the contest ends.
  • This contest is only open to players with an EU account 


1st place: Skoda T 40 + bonus code
2nd place: SU-85i + bonus code
3rd place:  Churchill III + bonus code
4th place: FCM 36 Pak 40 + bonus code
5th place: Tetrarch + bonus code

The prize bonus codes include: T-127 + slot + 300 gold + 3 days premium (Please note that the codes will expire on 31/12/2015, so remember to use them before then :) )

IS-3 Autoloader Reward

Hello Warriors,

remember the IS-3 Autoloader?

Autoloaded IS-3 Short History

Well, it will be given on the NA server as part of a unexpected Christmas Ornament contest.

Its a weird way to give such a vehicle but hey if you are crafty and can take a chance at winning who am I to judge? Last time I lost internet connection for a couple days got so bored that started painting lampshades...
Han Solo, Judge Dredd and Terminator, painted it with a simple pen.
One more day without connection and would have started a whole U.S.S Enterprise on my walls.

This are the conditions and rules:

Begins: 12:00pm PST 11/25/15
Ends: 12:00pm PST 12/18/15


  • The top 5 Entries will get the IS-3A + Garage Slot and 7 Days of Premium time!
  • Everyone else who we receive a custom ornament from gets 500 Gold + 3 Days of Premium Time!

9.13 Public Test is UP

Hello Warriors,

This is what you can expect from the 9.13 test server. *Coming Soon*

These are the official patchnotes:


Added the branch of Czechoslovakian medium tanks (tier I–X), which comprises the following vehicles:

  • Kolohousenka
  • LT vz. 35
  • LT vz. 38
  • ST vz. 39
  • Skoda T 24
  • Skoda T 25
  • Konstrukta T-34/100
  • TVP VTU Koncept
  • Skoda T 50
  • TVP T 50/51

-Reworked 26 vehicles in HD quality:
U.S.S.R.: LTP, SU-18, SU-152, KV-3, KV-5, IS-6
Germany: Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs
U.S.A.: M7 Priest, T29, T30, V44, T54E1, T95E6
France: AMX AC mle. 48
U.K.: Birch Gun, Cruiser I, Cruiser II, Cruiser III, Cruiser IV, Comet, AT 15A
China: Wz-111, Wz-131, Chi-Ha
Japan: Ha-Go, Ke-Ni

New Ranzar Video

Hello Warriors,

this has to be my favourite Ranzar video so far:

It reminded me so much of the Ginosaji, The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon:


Tortoise Dreams

Hello Warriors,

When I have good dreams, this is usually how they look like:

Some people were pondering on Reddit if this was for real...its not, as much I am biased over my Tortoise, a vehicle with over 7000 DPM would be just absurd. :P

Premium shop updated (EU)

Morning lovely creatures,

at last WG EU got its premium shop revamped as well to match the new launcher and got this video:

World of Tanks Generals: Launch Trailer

Hello Warriors,

The online card game World of Tanks Generals has sailed into Open Beta, this is the launch trailer:

I've started playing this game since closed Beta and like it a lot, can take some time to finish but its nice to keep the mind occupied specially when on a tablet.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Micro Patch Incoming!

Hello Warriors,

there is a micropatch coming tomorrow or very soon, this is what is being fixed:

- Fixed the display of additional information on the mini-map after pressing Alt
    - Fixed the bug where the artillery traverses by random twitches when attempting to aim beyond the boundaries of the gun traverse
      - Fixed the order (sorting) of the inscriptions for American vehicles in the Customization window
        - Improved the Domination mode credit and XP income
          - Returned the info about industrial resource made by players to the clan tab

          Like tutorials?

          *Edit: EU has a new tankopedia as well... but instead they chose to advertise a book with same info that costs money on their homepage. Unless they have advertised their revamped Tankopedia before on the portal which I've searched for and couldn't find anything.*

          Hello Warriors,

          the NA server has revamped their tankopedia page and this is how it looks like:

          Its now more organized and it allows you to compare vehicles, I seriously like what WG NA has been doing to their homepage.

          I already been asked about contributing a list for their page in the future which immediately said yes and don't worry, I'm only M3lee and Tortoise biased. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          Meanwhile on EU...

          they are trying to charge people £16.99 (24 Euros and 25 Dollars give or take) for a tutorial book. This is just sad.

          Guys... NA is not region blocked, just hop into their Tankopedia when you need and there are always content producers on Youtube/Twitch and Blogger (wink wink) that give you this type of info FOR FREE.

          Tankopedia link:

          Confidential tanks in-garage #2

          Hello Warriors,

          second "confidential" video is out:

          New sounds in 9.14

          Hello Warriors,

          a youtube video of the new sounds coming in the 9.14 patch as I know some of you had issues with the link I posted last time:

          What do you think about them? Personally I'm very picky when it comes to new sounds or sound mods but these... I kinda like it already.

          Bonus and Invite codes for WoT

          Hello Warriors,

          on this link there are bonus codes for you:

          Bonus code contains:

          • 1 Day of Premium
          • Case of Cola (Premium Consumable)

          Invite code includes:
          • 350 Gold
          • 7 Days Premium
          • Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (F)
          • Free Garage Slot

          Why so quiet?

          Hello Warriors,

          this one just started reading her emails and many of you were concerned why I have been so quiet today.
          To be honest, I've all day in my bed... this past couple weeks been cruel mistresses. Have my wisdom teeth coming, the discomfort of it among other personal stuff hasn't allowed me to relax, just kept on pushing myself to be here everyday for you writing on the blog and livestream and started having a migraine that has been a unwanted companion for over a week now.
          Went to the doctor on Monday and he prescribed some stuff to chill and demanded me to rest which I have been doing as most as possible. Shtako happens.

          Anyway... the migraine is gone for now so I'm taking advantage and will be posting everything for you!

          Starting with this music...

          Tuesday, 24 November 2015

          David Fletcher MBE Tank Chats: Valentine

          Hello Warriors,

          I'm very pleased that there is a new Tank Chats with my favourite tank story-teller grandpa David Fletcher from The Tank Museum, this time he talks about the Valentine.

          One of you has shipped a whole crate of alcoholic beverages in my name to The Tank Museum and the staff has kept it safe in the archives awaiting for my collection, thing is... I've been told Fletcher has tried to raid it in multiple occasions, this is what Ed Francis skyped me today:

          "I'm not sure how much longer I can keep David out of that beer, he's like a shark that found a wounded swimmer leaking hops and is homing in"

           Will make sure to share some drinks with him! *giggles*

          And btw, Because so many of you are eager to send me mail I'm going to create a PO box during new years time. Will have to take a suitcase to the museum to collect what's there for me and is really inconvenient, last time I couldn't bring everything back home and prioritized the books, tank models and shirts you gifted but there was no space for most of the alcoholic beverages in my suit case, had the "hard job" of drinking most of it while staying overnight in the area so things wouldn't be thrown away. So hold your horses for now please. <3

          Zombie Arty

          Hello Warriors,

          seems like the arty twitching bug was a early symptom that has been left untreated and now there is a SPG zombie outbreak!

          I'm disappointed this video doesn't have the Walking Dead intro running in the background.

          23/11/2015 Q&A

          - Storm hopes that with the "new engine core release", the FPS loss issues will be fixed for good
          - Storm regarding the results of the T34 HD model investigation: "The vulnerable roof area from the front is practically identical to the way it was before. It became a little bit bigger but not because of the protrusion above, but because it was extended a bit to the sides. I will investigate whether it's possible to make it the same as before. All the while the commander's cupola is smaller and the front became thicker. In other words, sorry, this is a classic case of whining."
          - there is no info on the M6A2E1 turret roof armor thickness, that's why WG made it based on balance and not historicity
          - some players are reporting problem with not being able to press the report button in the game, this is tied to mods
          - regarding the complaints about AT 15A detail quality, Storm states it's roughly the same as IS-6, the mudguards really stand out because they are quite large

          IS-6 in-game screenshots

          Thanks to Sergeant_Agrima!

          Hello Warriors,

          non-polished HD screenshots of the IS-6 in-game for you:

          Monday, 23 November 2015

          A minute of Ghost Shells

          *Edit: This SPG has 0 mm of armor on its gun breach but the shells are ghosting on the 75 mm upper structure, that's the real issue*

          Hello Warriors,

          its known that 9.12 brought a extra can of ghost shells, Storm states that they are slowly working on it but apparently there were no changes in 9.12 to cause that, well, something is clearly causing it to become worse, check this out this video from Vyraall (thanks for emailing it dear):

          I have noticed increase of ghost shells, have you?

          Type 59 Texturing

          Hello Warriors,

          bit late here but better late than never, this one had a consult and was ordered to rest.

          Anyways...  a redditor, ZurichianAnimations has finished texturing his Type 59 and check out how it looks:

          He rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Software used: Maya, Zbrush, xNormal, Quixel Suite, unreal Engine 4.

          What do you think? I personally think that WG should give this man a job!

          More 9.13 HD renders: AT-15A, IS-6, LT vz. 38, Škoda T 24 & Panzer II Luchs

          Hello Warriors,

          more HD screenshots for you.

          See others:


          Sunday, 22 November 2015

          RNG Episode 44

          Thanks to "J"!

          Hello Warriors,

          check out the RNG episode 44 which is still unlisted:

          I'm only posting it due to the Fallout 4 reference at the beginning. :P

          New WoT sounds

          Hello Warriors,

          In the first patch of 2016, the new Sound Engine 2.0 will be introduced, replacing practically all the sounds in the world in order to increase the immersion. Here's a small part of the sounds, pure sound files.

          Main features:
          - practically all the sounds reworked
          - different caliber = different sound
          - sound delay based on distance (sound now has travel speed)
          - the shot sounds can be well heard
          - it's now possible to tell by the sound what class is firing at you
          - sounds now play an improved role
          - individual sound for modules

          Sounds can be heard here: (links on the bottom)

          File 1 

          0:11 - shot sounds and distance delay
          2:10 - muffled sounds

          File 2

          0:11 - battle result sounds
          0:33 - environmental sounds
          1:30 - module sounds
          1:37 - module and ricochet sounds
          2:14 - reload sounds

          Happy Birthday Dirty Dan!

          Hello Warriors,

          one of you, Dirty Dan is celebrating his 18th birthday (feel free to comment some nice words to your brotherin!) and he wants to share the cake his sister made for him he says:

          "Loooong time reader here Rita Darling (Dirty Dan on your blog) and my 18th birthday is today! Have a look at the cake my sister took 5 hours to make! It is a 6 layer cake. It would be an absolute thrill if you could share this on your blog! Cheers as always Rita.

          P.S What tank do you think it looks like? I think it looks like something from the T110 series"

          KV-5 9.13 Armor changes video

          Hello Warriors,

          a video of the KV-5 armor changes that are coming next patch from a Russian comrade, protanki_yusha (a nice guy btw), unfortunately there are no proper English subtitles but I decided to share for those who prefer this format:

          Like one of you, "Jens Robot" said in the comment section.. Cant wait for "Kv5 ass sidescreppin' extravaganza"!

          And protanki_yusha, "spacibo" for sending a raid to my twitch channel not long ago. :)

          9.13 HD Garage Screenshots #3

          Hello Warriors,

          more screenshots of the upcoming HD tanks in-garage.

          See previous:
          9.13 HD Garage Screenshots #1
          9.13 HD Garage Screenshots #2

          Type 95 Ha-Go

          9.13 Armor Changes: IS-6 and KV-5

          *Edit: Added more screenshots*

          Hello warriors,

          these are some of the armor changes for 9.13:


          9.13 Tank Changes #2

          Hello Warriors,

          one more tank that will receive some changes:


          -Hull- 113
          Terrain resistance - hard terrain: new 1.1, old 1.3, difference -0.2
          Terrain resistance - medium terrain: new 1.2, old 1.4, difference -0.2

          Terrain resistance - soft terrain: new 2.5, old 2.7, difference -0.2
          Accuracy loss from movement: new 0.18, old 0.19, difference -0.01

          Accuracy loss from traverse: new 0.18, old 0.19, difference -0.01


          Turret - 113 - 122 mm 60-122T
          Depression: became 5, was 4, difference 1
          Accuracy: became 0.37, was 0.36, difference 0.01
          Reload time: became 10, was 10.9, difference -0.9
          Aiming time: became 2.8, was 2.7, difference of 0.1

          Other vehicle changes:

          9.13 HD Garage Screenshots #2

          Hello Warriors,

          after scavenging in the crammed with "My Little Pony", Boobs, Ds and all sorts of weird stuff of certain RU community pages I've found something valuable.
          More In-garage screenshots of the new HD vehicles:

          See previous:

          Saturday, 21 November 2015

          21/11/2015 Q&A

          Here it is:

          - Developers know about the 9.12 bug where in arty mode, when artillery tries to rotate the hull by aiming beyond the gun traverse limits, the movement is choppy and erratic
          - Developers are investigating the possible issues with T34 (it became underpowered), Storm states that the recent statistics show that less shots penetrate it than before
          - Storm just returned from a trip to Cyprus on Friday where they discussed "lots of interesting things" with Viktor Kislyi
          - New sounds? motion physics? "News about both will come soon"
          - The developers will investigate the credit and XP gain from Domination and will introduce corrections if necessary
          - There was a hoax circulating on RU forums that Storm was fired. It's just that - a hoax.
          - Ghost shells are appearing en mass in 9.12, players are complaining a lot about that - Storm states that they are slowly working on it but there were no changes in 9.12 to cause that
          - Jove (Russian youtuber) released a hoax that Russian server will have a Type 59 marathon event, it's not true
          - Q: "Action X sucks and gets oneshotted by arty!" A: "And FV4202 didn't?" (the complaint was specifically about the roof thickness)
          - Storm promises: 9.13 will be released this year!
          - The new track traces in 9.12 are bugged, it will be fixed
          - Apparently there is a strange bug where if WoT runs in windowed mode, the mouse cursor starts behaving strangely, moving around etc.
          - A player posts a list of complaints while other player replies him sarcastically that according to WG everything is fine. Storm's reaction: "Go and have some fresh air. Be hysterical somewhere else."
          - There is a problem in 9.12 in the synchronization of serverside reticle, it will be fixed
          - New maps can be for Domination only, for random only or for both, there is no rule saying they have to be tested in Domination first
          - Some of the worst bugs of 9.12 will be fixed by a hotfix
          - In 9.13, KV-5 will get a small armor buff