Wednesday, 7 October 2015

07/10/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

Its time for schedules livestream, will start the night with some Armored Warfare and then some world of Tanks for the rest of the night. Also don't forget that tomorrow I will be doing platoon in AW to celebrate the Open Beta.

Steady as she goes:

Note: Q&A may come later.

Armored Warfare: "Enter the Dragon"

Hello Warriors,

its been awhile since I've shared one the articles from Armored Warfare, this one talk about one of the world’s military superpowers, the People’s Republic of China and has something you lads and lasses like very much, the Type 59


Small Edit: Almost forgot to type, tomorrow is going to be the first AW Open Beta day, will be livestreaming it and inviting viewers to platoon!

Type 10 Tank needs repair skills

Hello Warriors,

So today been browsing Asian Youtube videos and found this interesting one of a Japanese Type 10 who had a unexpected accident. This is what happens when you don't put repair skills in your tank, it took the crew nearly an hour just to take off the tracks:

And if you are a "boring aunty" like me who likes to watch everything in detail, there is another video of the entire procedure and from a different angle:

In the positive side, this was valuable training for the crew and the crowd ended up learning a thing or 2 instead of just assisting to some tank action! :)

WOT Blitz: Frankenstein's Monster

Hello Warriors,

I rarely post about WoT Blitz but check out what apparently will be a tier 7, the Russian Community nicknamed it as "Frankenstein's Monster":

Need Your Opinion

Hello Warriors,

Remember a couple days ago when I wrote my opinion about the expensive Premium tank bundles?

If not please take a look:

After AgingJedi and I gave some light to this issue I'm glad to see other Community Contributors like The Mighty Jingles and PointyHairedJedi uniting their voices to ours:

A good Review of the M4A1 Revalorise but if you want skip it the Mighty Jingles starts talking about the subject at 21:15min:

And although WG EU is paying attention and gathering feedback, they are not yet convinced.
So I ask you to write your opinion in the comment section and vote here to show some numbers to them.

Igromir Q&A

Hello Warriors,

another Q&A from Igromir:

- Bonus for tanking will come this year
- T-22 sr. is the best tank available for various missions, the supertesters really like it
- patch 10.0 is called Rubicon because it introduces many crucial technical elements which will allow the game to develop further
- It's possible Historical Battles will come as missions, in 2016, it is also possible it will come in the form of a team of players versus bots (copying the AW PvE, which is good)
- Developers want to increase the role of armor in the game
- Strongholds will be developed further, new buildings, features etc.
- There are plans for Hungarian tanks (historians are collecting info)
- There are no plans to introduce bonuses for when tanks of certain nation play on a map located in their country
- There are ideas to implement new equipment and to remove the ones that are pointless
- Customization will be actively developed in 2016, including equipment falling off from tanks when shot (when it's done it's done)
- It's possible there will be more modes with bots
- New sounds will arrive with new motion physics
- When the fuel tanks are damaged, players will hear the sound of gasoline pouring out
- Players will not be able to play deathmatch on premium tanks
- WG has a list of mods they want to implement into the game
- When CW 2.0 started, the amount of clan players rose by 30 percent
- It's possible lowtier tanks will have +/-1 MM

Marder 38t HD Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

screenshots of the Marder 38t in HD:

10.0 Update

Hello Warriors,

tiny update, according to some sources the 10.0 test server is coming this week!

That's all folks!