Friday, 29 May 2015

The Japanese heavies are coming

Hello warriors,

this is the first screenshot of the tier 3 Japanese heavy tank, Type 91. The Japanese heavy branch will start from the tier 2 Type 89 medium tank followed by this one. The vehicle was not mass-produced, only one prototype was made. The branch will come out in late summer.

29.05.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Storm confirms: WG now works actively with modmakers. XVM authors already fixed their mod for the Domination;
- The option for players to select the medals they want to show on the first tab was not yet developed;
- Storm confirms his opinion that over 60 FPS it doesn't really make much difference. When confronted with examples of games that gave advantage with maximum FPS, Storm states that these games have client-based physics and this physics system was dependent on frame rate;
- If you want your maps to load faster and are running the game from HDD, you should defragment it. Storm: "It can seriously help."
- If you see missing (black) textures in the patch 9.8, it's obsolete mods (specifically Jove's modpack)
- Apparently the Super Pershing will stay how it is now in HD;
- The "big penetration nerf" in the future will likely not concern premium vehicles (only tier 9 and 10 vehicles will be nerfed);
- Super Pershing front was "seriously buffed" according to Storm.

And the daily:

New Ranzar video

New Ranzar is up, this one is a bit dark but love it, specially that Serb!

Armored Warfare with Jingles

Yesterday did a couple matches  together with the Mighty Jingles in Armored Warfare and he decided to record it.
 Many of you been asking me to convince him to be back on streaming but in my opinion this is even better, just due to the fact that there are no streamsnipers ruining our experience and you can actually see him having fun and enjoying the games:

Svetlana Polovnikina on how WG interacts with playerbase

Hello warriors,

recently a lecture took place during one game conference where Svetlana Polovnikina from Wargaming talked about how Wargaming listens to its playerbase's feedback.

Her main points were:

- The developer has to know the opinion of the playerbase because he can no longer look at the game from player's perspective - he knows too much about its internal mechanics;
- Information about player opinions from open sources (including forums) is not reliable because it represents individual complaints, you need to have large polls to truly know the opinion;
- To ask players on the main game site is also not reliable since the sample will not represent the entire playerbase (not all players visit the game site);
- Developer questions "what and how" are answered by statistics. Questions "why" are answered by asking players;
- Analysis of poll results only makes sense in combination with statistics analysis since the player opinions change on short notice;
- Polls are effective only for getting opinions for specific issues, problems etc;
- According to WG observations the more experienced a player is, the more prone he is to rate the game negatively. That's why whenever there's a negative feedback, the developers always check who the complaining players are;
- Computer game playerbase is very loyal - few other fanbases are giving as positive feedback;
- Feedback is collected from many different platforms;
- The most difficult is to get the real opinion from leaving players.

A-32 on RU server

Brief news: The A-32, a pre-order EU tank that was in-game for three years will be sold on the RU server for the first time.

Yuri Pasholok Q&A

Hello warriors,

one of the owners of the Faster than All VK page went as a volunteer to work with Yuri Pasholok on the restoration of vehicles in Moscow. During that time he asked him some interesting questions. Here's what he learned.

- Current T28 (turretless) is supposed to be replaced by a T95 prototype. The thing is, there are now drawings of the said prototype, only documents and descriptions. Based on these documents it's something like the T28 HTC, only with  tracks. It is almost like a T95 armor-wise but with terrible mobility.
- The Mammut name is based on reality after all, the name appears in documents. As for the Mäuschen, that was how the vehicle was called in mid May 1942 (the variant with 150mm and 75mm guns);
- The IS-3 with autoloader loading mechanism is comparable to the one of the Object 279, Object 770 and Object 277. It's practically polo-automatic, the loader doesn't have to haul the shells around. The casette mechanism is missing from World of Tanks for balance purposes.
- The developers at Chelyabinsk were working on an Object 777 variant with an autoloader and oscillating turret. WG knows about it but considers introducing such a vehicle to the game to be "dangerous", they opted for the regular variant instead;
- It's theoretically possible to introduce Object 279 into the game but it would have to be nerfed to the ground, especially its impenetrable hull;
- Historians proposed to introduce the 150mm gun for the Maus into the game but this plan was denied (for gameplay reasons, to make Maus and E-100 different);
- The Japanese heavies will come but the most popular of them, the O-I, is only good enough to appear on tier 7 or 8. What will be the tier 10 is a mystery from historical point of view. A part of a track was found in Japan with the width of 80cm, which is too much for any known Japanese projects. Apparently the track is a part of a prototype that ended with building a turret. The turret was then used as bunker on concrete stand.

It's the turret from this photography:

Armored Warfare: M2 Bradley IFV

Armored Warfare just introduced the M2 Bradley Infantry fighting vehicle, check out its trailer:

And if you are not familiarized with this vehicle I recommend you to take a short read as well:

Japanese Tiger

Morning lovely warriors!

Check out this picture of the Japanese Tiger, isn't it beautiful? Pity it will have the 88mm L/56 gun but then again, will be a tier 6 so its excused.

Made by Milkyman, he can be found here:

Better late than never.
Sh!t happens. :)