Thursday, 11 February 2016

9.14 Test Server Is UP

Hello gorgeous ones,

9.14 Test Server is now available!

Edit: First it was today, then EU got mixed information and told me it had been postponed and closed office...sigh...Test server is UP!

For those interested in participate: Download Link. (9.14 should be injected into the server soon)

What you can expect for 9.14:

-Supertest Patchnotes
-HD Models:

-Supertesters only vehicles/HD models
-Supertesters only vehicles/Stats

Tank Talk with Len Dyer: Panzer IV


remember when I posted a couple months about a Tank Talk series with Len Dyer from Fort Benning, Georgia? They are back, finally, with a new video:

"Len Dyer of the National Armor and Cavalry Restoration Shop discusses the WWII-era German Panzer IV tank. Tank Talk is a series designed to educate on the features, tactics and histories of tanks throughout world military history."


Pilsen Glitch/Hidden Spot


Just the usual glitch everytime there is a new WoT map out, this time on Pilsen:

Extreme Tank Modelling: MS-1


when small tank model kit building doesnt satisfied oneself anymore...the adiction can grow into something entirely new, this team built a MS-1 with their own hands.

Amazing... this is one of the things I love Russians for.


New Ranzar


new Ranzar is out:

That Tog II disturbs me... enjoy!