Friday, 17 April 2015

Super Pershing changes in 9.8

Hello warriors,

Storm confirmed that Super Pershing will come in HD in 9.8 and will receive a frontal armor buff. This is how it will look:

17.04.2015 Stream (Ended)

Happy Friday everyone, hope the week treated you good!

Today will be platooning with the Mighty Jingles! So excited, has been some time since we last played World of Tanks:

New Ranzar video

Here it is this week Ranzar, let me know what you think:

Guide Park: AMX 50 B

A new Guide Park video is up, this time the subject is the AMX 50 B:

The narrator's voice always makes me smirk.

M1A2 Abrams firing exercises

Check out this group of M1A2 Abrams doing some firing exercises, the tank porn starts at 0:37 seconds: