Friday, 30 October 2015

IS-6 HD Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

here are the screenshots of the IS-6 in HD:

31/10/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

its time for streaming!

Tonight will start with WoT, just got the SU-85 as I'm currently grinding for the ISU-152 and SU-101 (which will be getting back its tier 10 gun).

Later on will be doing my Halloween dailies to earn the seasonal decals andddd just maybe some Diablo III (Seasonal Demon Hunter- Hard Lvl) dailies as well.

Lets do this:


30/10/2015 Q&A

- Storm has nothing to do with the allocation of finances for World of Tanks
- Stronghold interface was fixed in 9.10
- IS-7 and Object 260 have different layout of rear armor, they are correct apparently
- Earlier, Storm promised that players over 2000 battles will have the unpopular map tiering disabled, this however was not done in 9.10, it is still planned
- Storm's earlier statement on this topic: "We decided to release the patch with all the emblems giving the same bonuses and introduce the full set of bonuses only later"
- Patch 10.0 cancelled? Storm: "Wait for official information"

Dammit Carl!

WoT Blitz: Canal Map

Hello Warriors,

WoT Blitz has a new map called Canal which at first I imagined it to be an Artillery's wet dream Dutch map with plenty of water but no:

Desolate and with rainy weather...

10.0 Cancelled

Hello Warriors,

according to sources, 10.0 has been cancelled.

Rubikon got cancelled along with the new inscription system and the gas cloud of the Rampage mode.
This is actually good news, according to Storm, the 10.0 patch was being rushed upon us with its new bugs fixed or not as well, something that he was against.

Wargaming took the wise decision to listen the community and pull back the 10.0 patch as this could have been a major flop.

However, the FV4202 replacement and the new Rampage mode will be coming as a micropatch.

Are you happy with this decision? I sure am...

Armored Warfare: Pumpkin Blood

Hello Warriors,

As someone who dislikes Halloween I'm glad to announce that's official, Armored Warfare has declared war against the pumpkins, good lads!

And now I'm craving for home made pumpkin & walnut jam... *sigh*