Friday, 4 December 2015

04/12/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

Its Friday and I'm in Löwe!

I'm going to be livestreaming the 9.13 Test server and playing with the new tanks and the vehicles that are receiving changes.

I will be using the battles of tonight as a basis for a Tank review of the Czechoslovakian tanks.

Steady as she goes:

9.13: Type 98 Ke-Ni Armor Changes

Hello Warriors,

these are the armor changes for the Type 98 Ke-Ni for the 9.13 patch:

3D Model

Armored Warfare Q&A

Hello Warriors,

another Q&A from Armored Warfare:

First look into Update 0.12

  • Update 0.12 is near and will appear on EU and NA server in mid-December. It will include a large number of corrections. Here are some of its main features:
  • Visual camouflage - the ability to cover vehicles with multiple camouflage patterns
  • Camouflage bonus overhaul - some of the camouflage penalties are now progressive (for example staying on one spot while shooting will make the camouflage progressively worse)
  • New Tank Destroyer ability - the long range sniping bonus is replaced by active tank destroyer ability, "Gun Suppression"
  • The ability to turn regular vehicles into semi-premiums - a Renowned vehicle can now be turned into "Battle-Hardened" for gold, providing 25 percent bonus to credit gain, crew experience and commander experience and 10 percent bonus to reputation
  • The full list and descriptions of the features will be released next week.

AW's December Calender. More Options here.

Other Developer information

  • Ricochets cannot damage other vehicles. Richard Taylor on this matter: "We've never supported having bounced shells hit adjacent vehicles. It's something we'd like to get to some day, but the visual element of the bouncing shell right now is purely visual fluff and has no gameplay ramifications."
  • Developers are fine with the current influence of randomness in Armored Warfare: it does not influence spotting at all and the penetration/damage influence for AP shells is only 10 percent
  • There are no plans to introduce premium ammunition ("gold shells") to the game
  • Battalion alliance functions are planned for the Territory Wars mode
  • The notion that only feedback from players with good statistics should be listened to is false - all feedback is important, the developers are interested in the problems encountered by newbies as well

Mini E-100 Update

Hello Warriors,

there is some progress made to the mini E-100 from David Moreira:

It has been now painted, its a 1/4 scale, a Kart nearly can fit inside and it runs!
David will be taking its creation to Comic Con Portugal, hope there will be videos and photos of it. :)

Sandomir staging grounds. The destroyers of Tigers. First series.

Hello Warriors,

Wargaming is back with its historical videos, this video is called "Sandomir staging grounds. The destroyers of Tigers. First series." (English subtitles available)

Around 6min we have Lord Varys.

WoT PS4 Trailer

Hello Warriors,

this is the trailer for PS4: