Saturday, 18 July 2015

Special Q&A from FTA VK page

Please note that this is NOT a usual source and it's possible these pieces of info might not be correct

- ASU-85 will come (most likely as a premium);
- HD maps will come soon along with DirectX 11 and 12 support;
- Chieftain and Action X will come in 9.11;
- It's possible M40/43 will be split into two (one vehicle regular, one premium);
- The replacement for WT E-100 is problematic for now, developers are choosing options;
- Foch will likely get an alpha change (nerf);
- 5 year WoT anniversary will bring a cool surprise;
- Domination will likely be a permanent alternative mode.

18.07.2015 Q&A

 Storm made a large post about the current issues in World of Tanks in 9.9 - specifically the reasons for crashes. He states that the "zombie tank" issue was fixed quickly but there are following issues still:

1) Crash when entering the hangar or in hangar before entering battle (medium amount of reports): this issue was quite strange and appeared on the clients that had removed some of the Awesomium files. How these files were deleted and why is unclear. It's possible the players themselves in part deleted them because there were rumors that deleting this increased FPS. It's also possible these files were deleted by an antivirus, in any case WG will investigate. This was solved by a micropatch where these files were "returned" to the players. There will also be a fix in WoT that will next times these files are missing not crash the game.
2) Mac client crashes (small amount of reports): this issue was solved yesterday by a Mac version upgrade
3) Crashes caused by XVM (very high amount of reports): Old version of XVM stopped working due to the changes in minimap system. The last XVM update did fix this issue as far as Storm knows. You have to download an updated version, especially if you are using some modpack with XVM elements
4) Crashes related to AMD (Radeon) GPU's and latest (15.7) drivers (high amount of reports): this issue can also manifest itself by "falling through" terrain. It's a very complicated issue and WG is currently working on it. This was not possible to catch on common test because the driver update appeared on 7th of July and by that time the testing was practically over. A rollback to older version of drivers can fix this issue. Developers are working on the issue and hope to present a solution soon.
5) Crashes straight after ending the battle (small amount of reports): this is a sporadic issue, devs found the reasons and are preparing a fix
6) Crashes on certain hardware (Broadwell family processors) when using Win10 (small amount of reports): the priority of this issue is low as the system is not officially released or supported yet
7) Freezes of loading screen during Steel Hunt when using the series of advanced multimedia keyboards Logitech (very small amount of reports): the issue was found and will be fixed

The issues above will likely be fixed by a minipatch.

- Developers are still working on Havok;
- There will be HD maps;
- Q: "Nobody officially confirmed Japanese heavies for 0.9.10 yet, why are you posting renders?" A: "No comment";
- Multicore support in forseeable future.

And the daily... :)

O-I Experimental (Mi-To 100)

Hello Warriors,

couple screenies of the O-I Experimental (Mi-To 100):

Armored Warfare: Balance Changes

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare posted how they evaluate and apply changes to the game including a preview of some balance changes they are testing internally:

While I agree with what I've read I'm also from the opinion they shouldn't be afraid to apply sudden patches to temporarily remove something that isn't working properly like the PVE night map from the "Snake Bite" mission.

Small tip: Last night noticed that on the "Snake Bite" night map if you drive on the right side of the field where the issue starts the FPS will drop significantly less.

Japanese Tank Destroyers articles

Hello Warriors,

been doing some digging on FTR and removed some dust and spider nets from a couple historical articles about Japanese Tank Destroyers that you may find interesting.

- Japanese Tank Destroyers – Part I
- Japanese Tank Destroyers – Part II
- Japanese Tank Destroyers Part III *Coming soon*

And two articles about the Ho-Ri Toku, the model that I posted earlier:

Top tier Japanese TD Ho-Ri Toku
Japanese Ho-Ri tank destroyers

This articles were written by Daigensui and SoukouDragon.

HD Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

have some more batch of screenshots out of the oven for you, same tanks as yesterday but this time in HD:

(Posted the HD Scorpion earlier.)

M4A1 Revalorisé

Japanese TD Prototype

Hello Warriors,

Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming's history consultant posted some interesting photos of what he nicknames as the "Japanese Ferdinand" that could be the basis for a potential Japanese Tank Destroyer branch.

Feast your eyes, Type 5 Ho-Ri I or Ho-Ri Toku Tank Destroyer Prototype:

Scorpion HD Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

I've noticed in the comment sections how much you like the Scorpion so here, better quality screenshots for you:

World of Tanks Magazine! (only half a year late)

Hello warriors,

Wargaming EU introduced the first number of the new World of Tanks magazine. Those who have been here with WoT longer perhaps remember the older World of Tanks magazine that was discontinued rather quickly. The old version was only available for mobile devices and was not successful (that's why it was discontinued after all). So what do you do to make your next project more successful? You offer it for PC as well, because most WoT players are also PC users!

Nope, just kidding, it's still only for mobile devices. Because that worked well the first time around. Anyway, this isn't what really caught my eye. What caught my eye was the content - specifically the cover and the Himmelsdorf part. Where have I seen that Himmelsdorf article before?

Oh, that's right, an article just like that was already posted on my blog, three months ago.

But how can this be? Well, dear readers, that's because WOT EU recycled content that was already posted in December 2014 in the Russian issue.

The Himmelsdorf article was then reprinted by wot-news in April and appeared on RSR as a result. That's why there's also a "Fury" article months after Brad Pitt shot his last nazi and the "Fury" hype ended. Kinda explains a lot.

Come on lads, you can do it!