Thursday, 1 October 2015

10/01/2015 Stream (Ended)

Hello Warriors,

Will be livestreaming for the next couple hours the Head Start from Armored Warfare together with SilentStalker!

Because the accounts got wiped will start fresh like a bambi:

Lets do this!

10/01/2015 Q&A

Have to say, I love Storm. Sometimes. During the rest of the time I just like him. :D

- Q: "WG, you care only about money, stop lying!" A (Storm): "Stop drinking so early in the morning."
- Storm is constantly reading and evaluating player feedback;
- Official T-22 Sr. characteristics will be posted later, it will be possible to win it through series of individual missions that will be posted later;
- T-22 Sr. will not be awarded for CW activities;
- If "all goes well", 10.0 will come in October;
- 10.0 test ETA? "When it's 100 percent ready";
- Camouflage and decals giving bonuses is not pay to win because it is obtainable even for credits.

Tank Talk with Len Dyer

Hello Warriors,

just got brought to my attention that BenningTV a youtube channel from Fort Benning, Georgia is uploading a very nice series called "Tank Talk" with Len Dyer which I highly recommend:

Finally something worthy to watch besides "Tank Chats" from David Fletcher. :)

The Nuts and Bolts of Tanks: Observation Devices

Hello Warriors,

there is a new "The Nuts and Bolts of Tanks", this time the subject is Observation Devices (English Subtitles available):


T-22 sr. Official Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

these are the official screenshots of the T-22 sr.:

About WoTs Teaser

Hello Warriors,

as you are curious about the "World of Tanks 10.0 Teaser", this is what EU didn't mention on their portal:

There will be a new "Deathmatch" ("Fight to the last") mode - it will use two maps: Paris and Berlin. In this mode there will be respawns, repair points, flag captures, air raid and artillery strike consumables.

The T-22 Sr. medium tank will be a prize for the best participants as well unique reserves.

Emblems will now give the crew unique bonuses, there will also be a PvE tutorial.

Siegfried V2.

Hello Warriors,

there is an update on the reworked Siegfried map:

  1. Added Cover.
  2. Landscape was sightly reworked
  3. Removed a position giving unfair advantage to southern side 

World of Tanks 10.0 Teaser

Hello Warriors,

Wargaming has uploaded a 10.0 teaser, probably the best they have done until now: