Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Second month and April contributors

Hello Warriors,

second month of the blog is now complete!

So far been enjoying a lot and finally got the hang of the new life schedule, the cats haven't been very amused having their "hooman" busy although.

I've been noticing that often been getting misunderstood, I guess mainly due to the fact that the blog is still particularly new and many of you don't know me very well yet. I do recommend for those interested to visit my livestreams so you can have an idea of the person typing this words (Its pretty much the only reason I announce here on the blog when the channel goes live). I'm always sharing conversations and answering questions with the chat.

Still, if you have any ideas or questions do feel free to leave them in the comment section, will be answering and doing this monthly. :)

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05.05.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- The T-34-85 "Rudy" has improved penetration of the (elite T-34/85) 85mm D-5T-85BM despite being equipped with the 85mm S-53. This is intentional.
- Q: "Storm, with my tier 8 on the bottom I am fighting five tier 10 tanks in battle, what should I do?" A: "This is correct MM. What should you do? Fight. Five top tier tanks means there are ten more non-top tier tanks";
- A player proposed a system where new MM would be formed if five or more players pressed a special "dislike MM" button. Storm states this won't be done;
- Storm is not aware of what Evilly had in mind with the GW E-100 changes (it perhaps was a mistake);
- There are no plans for 2015 to replace GW E-100 with something else
- Storm states that no details (or variants) will be disclosed regarding "solutions" to the gold ammo issue;
- Storm confirms that 0.9.10 will be "big" (as in, very important);
- Storm does not know what Viktor Kisly had in mind when he announced that a "bomb" (big announcement) will come soon;
- Storm will not disclose his salary: "It's enough for food and to pay electricity bills";
- According to Storm, there is indeed an issue with some guns in the sense that some have too high penetration but whether there actually is a real "gold ammo" problem (as in whether the current gold ammo situation is truly problematic) is "very debatable".

And as usual:

Sherman Revalorisé (aka Super Sherman)

Hello warriors,

is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No! This is the new French tier 8 premium medium tank, Sherman Revalorisé (also known as the Super Sherman in Israeli service, although this version was built by the French).


In the fifties as a part of the French army modernization program, M4 Sherman tanks of various modifications were built. Furthermore, the modernization work on those vehicles started in France - first and foremost in order to improve their firepower. The result was a program to modernize those vehicles for the Israeli army (Sherman M51). France did not adopt this tank in service. The number of prototypes built is not known.


Tier: 8 MT
Hitpoints: 1400
Engine: 460 hp
Weight: 35 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,14 hp/t
Maximum speed: 40/16 km/h
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Turret traverse: 43,8 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,397
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 750

Hull armor: 50,8/38,1/?
Turret armor: 63,5/63,5/?

SP I.C tier 7 Light Tank

Hello warriors,

a new vehicle is on the supertest - the SP.I.C, German tier 7 light tank. This is the Aufklärungspanzer Panther replacement.


In order to increase the firepower and to improve the anti-tank abilities of armored recon battallions, between 1956 and 1962 the Germans worked on creating a "recon tank destroyer". According to this plan, the recon fighting vehicle was to be armed with a 90mm anti-tank gun. The companies Hotchkiss and Humboldt-Deutz were working on this project. The project was not accepted in service and the amount of prototypes built is not known.

Reworked maps: Karelia, Westfield and Sand River

Screenshots of the reworked maps,

all of them were made flatter and more accessible:



The Mighty Jingles: Tiger Day 2015

I've been waiting so much for this video!

The Bovington Tank Museum invited Jingles as an VIP guest for the Tiger day and film some tank porn for us:

At 4:10 minutes, couldn't stop giggling at the cringe situation with the Russian gentleman, his face expression was superb!

May 1945-th. The surrender of Swinemunde

The third video of the "May 1945" series from Wargaming is now available, enjoy!

Armata unveiled on Moscow

Armata just became unveiled at a parade on Moscow, look at this sexy Russian:

Sacred Valled changes

Hello warriors,

as announced earlier, Sacred Valley will be modified in 0.9.9 or so. A pack of visual changes (screenshots) was recently leaked - but from what we can see, the changes to the map will be mostly cosmetic.