Tuesday, 24 November 2015

David Fletcher MBE Tank Chats: Valentine

Hello Warriors,

I'm very pleased that there is a new Tank Chats with my favourite tank story-teller grandpa David Fletcher from The Tank Museum, this time he talks about the Valentine.

One of you has shipped a whole crate of alcoholic beverages in my name to The Tank Museum and the staff has kept it safe in the archives awaiting for my collection, thing is... I've been told Fletcher has tried to raid it in multiple occasions, this is what Ed Francis skyped me today:

"I'm not sure how much longer I can keep David out of that beer, he's like a shark that found a wounded swimmer leaking hops and is homing in"

 Will make sure to share some drinks with him! *giggles*

And btw, Because so many of you are eager to send me mail I'm going to create a PO box during new years time. Will have to take a suitcase to the museum to collect what's there for me and is really inconvenient, last time I couldn't bring everything back home and prioritized the books, tank models and shirts you gifted but there was no space for most of the alcoholic beverages in my suit case, had the "hard job" of drinking most of it while staying overnight in the area so things wouldn't be thrown away. So hold your horses for now please. <3

Zombie Arty

Hello Warriors,

seems like the arty twitching bug was a early symptom that has been left untreated and now there is a SPG zombie outbreak!

I'm disappointed this video doesn't have the Walking Dead intro running in the background.

23/11/2015 Q&A

- Storm hopes that with the "new engine core release", the FPS loss issues will be fixed for good
- Storm regarding the results of the T34 HD model investigation: "The vulnerable roof area from the front is practically identical to the way it was before. It became a little bit bigger but not because of the protrusion above, but because it was extended a bit to the sides. I will investigate whether it's possible to make it the same as before. All the while the commander's cupola is smaller and the front became thicker. In other words, sorry, this is a classic case of whining."
- there is no info on the M6A2E1 turret roof armor thickness, that's why WG made it based on balance and not historicity
- some players are reporting problem with not being able to press the report button in the game, this is tied to mods
- regarding the complaints about AT 15A detail quality, Storm states it's roughly the same as IS-6, the mudguards really stand out because they are quite large

IS-6 in-game screenshots

Thanks to Sergeant_Agrima!

Hello Warriors,

non-polished HD screenshots of the IS-6 in-game for you: