Tuesday, 17 November 2015

9.12 Preview

Hello Warriors,

preview from Wargaming RU on the 9.12 patch (English subtitles available):

I so much want to move on from the 9.12 so more content starts coming out... I'm a workaholic and things been too slow. Oh well... back to playing Fallout 4 while downloading Star Wars Battlefront III.

VK 72.01 K in WoT Blitz

Hello Warriors,

seems like the aberration of nature VK 72.01 K is making its way into WoT Blitz:

9.12 Patch Update

Hello Warriors,

its confirmed, 9.12 is coming in 18 of November.

Skoda T 40 Price & Pz. 58 Mutz/M46 Patton KR News

Hello Warriors,

Have some new info for you.

Remember when I asked this to Wargaming?

-In 9.12, will the SKODA T40 be added in-game shop?
"No, it will continue to be available in the Premium shop at least until end of November and then in future patches it may come to in-game shop but I cant promise anything right now."

The Skoda T 40 will cost 3700 Gold.


It has been confirmed that the Pz. 58 Mutz will be a Marathon prize taking place in the new year.

And the M46 Patton KR will be available only for SEA.

17/11/2015 "Hoax of the day"

Hello Warriors,

a news article on Interfax who cited unnamed sources stated that Wargaming was planning to buy its rival's Armored Warfare.

Today the PR director Maxim Koltonyuk has denied those reports: "We are not negotiating for the purchase of the game (AW)"

This could be a good intro song for a "hoax of the day" sitcom: https://youtu.be/ADwVvT7-5_0?t=10s

Rampage mode

Hello Warriors,

here is a video from our Russian comrades about the Rampage mode (English Subtitles available):

M46 Patton KR & Pz. 58 Mutz

Hello Warriors,

here are the HD screenshots of 2 upcoming tanks:

M46 Patton KR