Monday, 11 May 2015

11.05.2015 Stream (Ended)

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope yours is being as good as mine. Really warm, sunny and work went smooth!

Will be streaming now for the couple hours ahead, have pretty much all the new premiums (187 tanks on EU plus the new premium TD ISU-122S on NA).

Feeling in the mood for the usual 80's music and Tank requests:


11.05.2015 Q&A

Not much for today:

- Apparently, hitzones can be fixed by applying a server patch, Storm states that the T-62A bad mantlet was already fixed server-side;
- Wargaming RU apparently started sending players e-mails where they explain that based on that player's report, another player was banned (including for how long);
- Storm confirms that currently there's an issue with the Super Pershing armor on 0.9.8 test, it will be fixed;
- Super Pershing will not be buffed further;
- Storm considers the individual mission changes to be serious regardless of the fact that some of the notorious missions (like setting someone on fire) remain.

And the daily:

Armored Warfare: History of Polish Armor

Armored Warfare will be dedicating this week to the contributions that Poland bought to mechanized warfare,

this first article, its about the beginning on their development:

So far I'm enjoying the content brought to us.

9.8 Hangars for download

4th of July hangar

Download in HD

US "First of May" hangar

Download (HD version) 

9.8 HD models comparison

Check out how the 9.8 HD models will look like in-game, really nice video:

Pictures from IWM Duxford

One of you, Dennis H. (thank you sir!) emailed me some of the photos he took while visiting IWM Duxford:

Mini Storm Q&A

- IS-3 in HD was not nerfed in 9.8 test;
- The IS-3 HD turret armor will be improved by a little, but unfortunately it's very hard for WoT developers to model round armor with varying armor thickness;
- According to Storm, the statement that some guns (specifically the German guns that are supposed to be very accurate) lack accuracy and the shells fly all over the place all the time is not true - it's just the feeling of players;
- During the "Domination" test in 9.8, players cannot use gold ammunition. Storm states that this will not be the case when the mode comes live - gold ammo will be usable normally;
- Storm confirms: Sexton I, Ram II, Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm and SU-85I will be removed from sales in 0.9.8 (or shortly after);
- Storm confirms that the leaked supertest penetration nerfs are legit, he adds that these are internal tests, not a release version. He however confirms that penetration nerf will come one way or another
- Developers are still working on the XP for tanking;
- The current "domination" mode in 0.9.8 test is just a proof of concept for the future upcoming mode, it is being tested so the developers can confirm the basic mechanisms are working.

Regarding the LT Vz.38 ingame weaponry

Author: Silentstalker

Hello everyone,
Today, I’d like to return to one of my favorite topics, the upcoming Czechoslovak branch (now finally confirmed by Evilly), specifically to one tank, the LT Vz.38 (also sometimes incorrectly named LT-38 but that was the fascist Slovakia designation actually). This tank will very likely appear on tier 3 if the initial Czechoslovak line  - and indeed it would be hard not to have it since it was the best pre-war Czechoslovak light tank and certainly one of the best early war light tank designs in the world.

In World of Tanks terms however, this vehicle has some issue (ironically despite the fact it was mass-produced and fought in service of multiple countries, it is possibly the most problematic vehicle to balance due to the lack of sufficient modules).
The basic issue is this:

SPAAGML Rocket Launcher caught fire

Thank you Przemysław Ł. and Tomah4wk!

Check out this video, a SPAAGML Rocket Launcher caught fire during the Victory Day Parade, this is the model/type of vehicle that shot down the MH17 flight over Ukraine:

What you think caused the fire?