Thursday, 14 January 2016

Cyprus Meeting: Marcus Schill & Viktor Kislyi

Hello everyone,

here is the second and final part of the Cyprus meeting, with Marcus Schill and Viktor Kislyi:

Marcus Schill:
About Premium tank bundles and the fact that many people from certain countries in Europe cant afford the price of a premium tank packaged with premium time and gold, and even people who can afford it often won't because they just want the tank; the issue has been addressed. Wargaming have begun offering tanks as standalone vehicles or as part of a bundle.  They also plan to look at ways of making the bundles more attractive, with the possibility of including things like xp boosts rather than just gold and premium time.
Another issue with the premium shop bundles was that it wasn't obvious how much value for money they actually were.  People were just seeing a premium tank with gold and premium time for a large amount of money.  It wasn't apparent from the premium shop page how much of a discount you were actually getting on the extras unless you stopped to compare prices.  While this wouldn't have done anything for those who just couldn't afford the bundles, they could have done a better job of explaining how much you were getting for your money for those who could but were put off by the price.

Viktor Kislyi:
Five years ago, WOT was new.  There were only 100 tanks in the game and many players had memorised the key stats of each tank, enough that they knew what they could penetrate and where the weakspots were on what they couldn't penetrate.  Now there are around 500 tanks in the game, sometimes you log into a battle and don't even know which nations some of the tanks come from.  The game has gotten bigger and more complex with each new patch, of which there have been around 60.  The game needs rebalancing. Premium tanks, the role of certain tank classes, artillery, maps, certain game mechanics, all need to be looked at.

New HD Model: E-25 (Edited)


the cockroach of doom will receive some polishing as well for the next patch. :)

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