Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The_Chieftain weekly stream (Ended)

Work for today is pretty much done so decided to join The_Chieftain on his weekly stream, we will be platooning in World of Tanks until he decides to hop on WoWS, come say hi and ask any questions. :)


My 0.9.7 New Premium Vehicle Impressions

As most of you may know there are two new premium vehicles that got introduced during the second testing phase of 0.9.7, I finally got time to check them out in more detail so here are my impressions:

M56 Scorpion 
-Country: U.S.A
-Tank Destroyer
-Tier VII
-Purchase price: (?)



24.03.2015 Q&A

Not much for today:

- There might be an issue with the way the gun barrel marks (for damage done) are awarded, numerous players have complained that they do not work well recently. Storm will investigate but later - currently, the developers are busy with "stabilizing the 9.7 client";
- Wooden logs on Soviet tanks will not be reworked to work like spaced armor;
- In the future, the track lings hanging on the HD tank hulls and turrets will all work like additional armor (RG: I'm actually excited for this);
- It's completely possible that the current batch of premium vehicles removed from sales will not be the last one;
- The shop vehicles removed will be replaced by "new, unique vehicles".

Armata Moving

Hello warriors,

it's a widely known fact that during this year's end of WW2 anniversary parade in Moscow, new Russian main battle tank will be shown to the public - the T-14 Armata. In last days, various leaked pictures of this vehicle were filling the internet, as the first vehicles of this kind are being transported around in preparation of the ceremony. Here's a first glimpse of the Armata MBT though, driving around. Notice the seven T-80 style roadwheels, the massive hull and the large turret. Yup, this is Armata alright.

(Dis)honorable Discharge


SEA, NA and EU server just confirmed that the TOG II (a salute for Jingles and his salt miners), T14, FCM36 PaK40 and Panther/M10 will commit seppuku (withdrawn) from the premium store.

From 24 March until 20 April, a bundle with all the tanks will be sold.

The package contains:

Its actually at a good price and all of the tanks are some decent fun.