Thursday, 6 August 2015

06.08.2015 Stream (Ended)

Hello Warriors,

Blog work is pretty much done for today (there wont be a Q&A for this date).

Will be streaming in the next couple hours some World of Tanks:

Lets do this!

9.10 Soviet themed Garage

Hello Warriors,

there are screenshots of this Soviet themed garage that will come in 9.10:

It says in Russian "Fight so that you destroy one tank with each shell"

Redshire Changes Video

Hello Warriors,

here is a video of the 9.10 changes for Redshire:

What do you think?

9.10 Patchnotes


- Domination and Steel Hunt are now using player vehicles
- Many issues fixed in Domination and Steel Hunt mode


- Added Japanese HT branch: I-Go/Chi-Ro, Type 91, Type 95, O-I Experimental, O-I, O-Ni, O-Ho, Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy
- Added Soviet tier 10 MT T-22sr, American tier 10 MT M48A2 (CW vehicle), Czechoslovak tier 6 Skoda T40, German tier 8 VK 100.01(P)
- Added Czech crews, insignia, icons etc.
- 20 tanks reworked to HD
- M46 Patton model reworked
- Fixed bugged collision models of following tanks: M6A2E1, T32, T110E3, T110E4, Caernarvon.
- Buffed aim-time and stabilization of the Maus gun

Maps and Objects

- Removed "Pearl River" and "Hidden Village" from random battles
- Fixed tier spreads for certain maps
- Reworked the Redshire map


Czechoslovak tier 6 prem, Škoda T 40

Hello Warriors,

here are the First screenshots of Czechoslovak tier 6 prem, Škoda T 40:


Master of Orion: First Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

these are the first screenshots for Master of Orion:

9.X Czechoslovakian Medium Tanks Branch

Hello Warriors,

wanted to post this video yesterday but there was a lot of other things going on the blog, check out this very interesting video about the Czechoslovakian Medium Tanks Branch:

Really like the way this lad explains it all but there is a couple errors (he did a good research but some things have been updated since then).

These are comments made by SilentStalker who is the father of the Czech tree and has been paying a lot of attention to the subject, he said to the author of the video:

- top gun on tier 3 will be an autoloader
- tier 4 will not have such thin armor (there was a heavier armored model)
- tier 5 will not have an autoloader to my knowledge (it was never even considered)

The T-34/100 description is wrong. The history used is the Soviet one (which was built). The Czech T-34/100 project was never built and was developed independently on the Soviets. The photographs (with the LB-1 gun) also belong to the Soviet one.

Gamescom Premium Shop

Hello Warriors,

And things were going so fine and dandy...connected on the EU Portal and felt like Sgt. Hartman when he finds Private Pyle's jelly donut inside the footlocker!

From from 6 August, 07:10 until 12 August, 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) WG EU Premium store will be selling:

Pz II J for 99.99
 Don't think I have to repeat a third time my opinion about this tank being sold.

Package also contains:
  • 30500 Gold
  • 1 Garage Slot

FV201 (A45) for €29.99
 As I initially predicted, that this tank would be sold in some sort of bundle. The price may be lower  but I was hoping that EU players would have the opportunity to earn the tank for free trough missions like every other server. Wargaming, not everyone can afford 30 to 100 euros weekly bundles!

Package also contains:
  • 3000 Gold
  • 1 Garage Slot

Ranzar videos

Hello Warriors,

Ranzar has a new video up, this time with some little annoying FV 304 "Bert":

Also just realized that missed last weeks Ranzar, it was a extremely busy day for the blog when it came out:

First day at Gamescom as summed up by VK WoT Express

- Developers have shown the 0.5.0 patch for WoT Generals;
- On October, there will be a German branch for WoWS with Dresden and Admiral Hipper, more will be shown at Igromir in Moscow;
- The German branch is complete already, developers are also working on new maps that might appear around the end of the year;
- Tirpitz and Bismarck will also be added, they are both ready;
- WoWS beta testing has more than 2 million users;
- OBT WoWS members spend around 190 minutes a day in battles;
- GIGABYTE (motherboard and GPU producer) now has a partnership with Wargaming, in the future the Gigabyte Z170X motherboard will come in special WoT edition with tier 5 T-25 premium tank + 7 days of premium (or tier 2 "Diana" cruiser for WoWS).

Redshire Changes

Morning lovely Warriors,

Redshire will receive a couple changes:

1 and 3- Nice buildings addition, most reason I hate to push trough that road is that there are always players waiting to snipe from the comfort of their bushes on the middle hill and it all seems pointless, this will add not only some protection but the ability to create some interesting fights.

2- Seems like they gave us more road options for arty to hit us. But to be honest is good they enlarged the area, you couldn't go over one side of a Rock without receiving flanking shoots, again, from the players waiting to snipe you from the comfort of their middle hill as the ground elevates. The extra road should also fix the issue that often teams wont be able to push and the zone just becomes an arty death trap.

4- Riverbed extended, not sure if for appearance or to slow down the hungry wolfs who rush to get arty.

In General I'm happy with this changes, they are clearly promoting a more fluid gameplay, this will hopefully convince the way too many HT and MT's who camp on the middle hill to get some cojones and go out and fight! Cant wait to be driving my Tortoise and experiment the 1 and 2 area in particular and DPM my way trough.