Wednesday, 9 September 2015

09/09/2015 Q&A

Not much for today:

Storm continues to collect bugs from 9.10 (there's something about Strongholds but the description is really unclear).

- Earlier it was said by Storm that it's possible that after the new render is fully optimized, the old render ("old graphics") will be removed completely. Now Storm states that it's very difficult to optimize one render for all the configurations and that it's likely that both renders will stay.
- Conqueror might get an upgrade - the upgraded turret found in the archives by David "Listy" Lister and some other upgrades from him as well (improved frontal armor). Storm is currently negotiating this inside Wargaming.

09/09/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

work is pretty much done for today, Q&A is coming a bit later.

Will be streaming for the next couple hours some World of Tanks at .

Have some new tanks including the M56 Scorpion and EU/NA servers.

Lets do this!

Armata Video

Hello Warriors,

check out this interesting video of the Armata firing and its insides:

Siegfried Map Changes

Hello Warriors,

the Siegfried map is going to receive some changes:

1 - Added forest
2 - Removed the valley (terrain leveled)
3 - Removed the bunker that gave advantage to one side
4 - The hills were reworked a bit
5 - Changed the way the players can shoot through the bunkers

Micro Patch Update

Hello Warriors,

things are pretty quiet today, taking advantage of the free time to clean things around here, taking only breaks when Glados warns me of new content.

There is an small update about tomorrow's Micro Patch, some of the technical issues being fixed are:

  • Fixed the Ghost Town spawn location issue.
  • Fixed some issues with dynamic platoon invitation.
  • Fixed some issues with Rampage mode.

Will keep you updated when something else comes, as always.

How tank turret evolved

Hello Warriors,

there is another "how" video by the WoT RU channel, this time about the tank turret evolution (English subtitles available):


Micro Patch

Hello Warriors,

According to Brynd, English Community Manager and a very nice lad tomorrow morning on EU there will be a Server Downtime for the Micro Patch, other servers expect the same.

Micro Patch changes:
  1. Tank J19 Tiger I Jpn added to the in-game store.
  2. Improved the driving characteristics of the Kanonenjagdpanzer.
  3. Fixed various technical issues.

CZ Tree Part 6 - T-25

Author: SilentStalker

Previous articles:

Hello everyone,

it's time for another part of the Czechoslovak tank series, this time about the tier 6. I will be heavily referencing the T-24 article so if you haven't read it and are interested in this, go have a look at it first because it won't make a whole lot of sense without it.


Right, let's get to it. Tier 6 situation was pretty much similar to tier 5. We have a vehicle that looks quite different from the usual depiction in publications. Well, actually it's more complicated since the T-25 is already in the game. I should probably write T 25 but I prefer the version with the dash (the name in the game will however likely be without it).

So, as you know, we aleady have the T-25 in the game (in a relatively nerfed form) as a tier 5 premium vehicle. This tank was made a very, very long time ago based on the data from the book of Hilary Doyle (using Doyle's drawing of the vehicle). How exactly accurate the drawing is - well, actually, it is (we found the archive original on which it was based), Mr. Doyle is clearly a professional. Another source for the drawing is I. Pejčoch who just probably copied Doyle's drawing, they are quite similar. The drawing was a part of the original German description by Škoda for Wehrmacht (which I got my hands on) so yes, that's original. In other words, the "stock" form.