Thursday, 7 January 2016

WoT PS4 Beta #2

Hello lads,

catching up on lost work before I start packing down hours of conversation from past few days for you.

The second World of Tanks PS4 Open Beta will start tomorrow, 8 January until 10 January.

Dev Diary 2:

For those who missed the first, they will be giving the M22 Locust-PS and T1E6-PS with their respective special camo.

The download size of the game is also list with the "27.6GB minimum save size"  but is listed wrong, its actually closer to 38GB.

I'm Bach!

Hello Loves,

I'm finally back home and jumped straight ahead into PC to start work, our flight like I said before was already a late one but on top of that we had to stay longer in the air and met really rough weather. I never experienced so much turbulence before, even the flight attendants where chatting between themselves that it was the worst turbulence they got in a long time, it got worse than driving at high speed in a Portuguese countryside road, other passengers started screaming/crying and there were barf bags and prayer beads being used. Slept overnight at a hipster hotel in London, desperate for a bath and rest and got a train back home today to avoid the nightmare of late hour train connections.

But the important matter, after the Rubicon well... Rubicon, Wargaming is trying to be more open (like the 9.12 Q&A, which by the way, there will be more in the future) to the community and even Viktor Kislyi has become more involved in the game.

As I was reading your comments in the previous post, came across with gkirmathal's questions:

- From your experiences of the past days can you say the meetings you had were fruitful?
Yes, although the time was too short to speak about every issue and ideas in detail the fact that we meet in person allowed us to progress more than we would over internet. And although there is a PR side of it, they were genuinely listening and we got to discuss different ways of how things could be fixed/added/changed, I personally will be keeping in contact with them and passing forward the most constructive concerns and ideas that you bring me. This was a trust build from both sides. 

- Did you get the impression WG, the devs particular, actually want to change the current 'issues' with some game aspects.
If it was entirely their decision, some devs would get the entire team just patching fixes for a year without producing new content while others have the exact opposite opinion but there has to be some balance which I hope they meet.

- What is your&Jingles view on the level of WG urgency regarding said issues to adjust/rework them?
Its relative, they are clearly more focused in issues that mostly affect the long term users but there is a clear neglect to the ones that affect new players. Its important to bring new players as much as keeping the current ones happy and I'm afraid this will bite them later on.