Thursday, 7 May 2015

M48A1 HD Armour Model Updated (9.8 Supertest)

Thank you "Celestia"!

There is an update on the M48A1 HD Armour Model:

- Added "beak" armor (150mm at 50 degrees);
- Worse front turret armor, but much better angles because of shape change;
- Front hull shape changed, much better angles and effective armor (270+), but some small areas still very weak;
- Weaker armor when angling like IS-3 pike hull;
- About 50% of the lower front plate is auto bounce to even tier 10 guns.

Overall, quite a big buff, armor will be very troll, easy to penetrate in some areas, and will even bounce tier 10 premium ammo in some places.

07.05.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Q: "Storm, why does Rudy T-34/85 have too high gun penetration? Fake stats in the name of profit or does the dog give 10 percent to gun penetration?" A: "Yea, the dog holds the gunner by his balls."
- Q: "Storm, don't you feel ashamed for making the French Super Sherman a premium when you said earlier there's a gap and that's why we can't have a full AMX-30 branch?" A: "Me - nope."
- The author of the previous question accused Storm of lying because he did say earlier the thing about the gap. Storm reacts: "There's no lying. There is a large number of particularities and limits when introducing regular vehicles. What you consider insignificant in fact has enough influence not to put this tank in a branch. There is no malice here."
- Exact rules for implementing regular tanks will not be disclosed;
- Storm expect many, many players to download the SD (smaller) client (RG: And what about allowing us to download the game just once and give us a option to change servers with it on laucher? Hate that hate to download an entire WG game for each server!)
- Current client will be considered HD, SD client will be the current client with textures with only half resolution (will be cca 6GB smaller installed, 1GB less for download);
- It's possible that ultra HD textures will come in the future separately (not as a part of current client);
- In 2016, new campaigns of individual missions will come. The old ones will however not be disabled so it will be possible to still get the Object 260 next year;
- It will in the future be possible to add single (deleted) files to the client via the launcher repair system;
- Apart from the one leaked map, the new garage battle mode will also be played on the "Lost City" map from team battles;
- Type 59 will not be sold ever again;
- The fucked up T-62A model happened because it's being reworked to HD and someone was screwing around with the old model (RG: there are better this to screw... you know?)

And the daily random, how I imagine my Tortoise crew:

May be a bit old but felt like the "military turtle" is worthy of a comeback.

Stronk Armata Breakdown

Thank you Yngwie Lesso, Viktor_Rasse, Tony M. and to all the others that shared this with me!

The very stronk T-14 "Armata" advertised as the tank that will "outclass the West" ironically had an breakdown during the final rehearsal.

"The parade announcer later announced that the stoppage had been planned to demonstrate how military equipment could be evacuated from the battlefield, prompting laughter from the rehearsal audience."

Its understandable that machines can break down but the whole thing made me giggle, just imagine how the tank crew should be feeling!


The Berlin Trio with the Mighty Jingles

This week had the opportunity to test the Berlin Trio (Whispers: and the IS-5) with an press account but my time was very limited, couldn't do my own videos of them.
But will leave you with the very trusting opinion of Jingles, everything he has said on this video, I agree completely with:

The Netherlands, Liberation day parade

Thank you "Bouche Dag"!


This gentleman just emailed me his photos and video of the Dutch Liberation day (5, May) at Enschede:

Some of the photos, there are more available here:

David Fletcher's Tank Chats #5

Ahh... Just what I needed for today!

Check out the newest "Tank Chats" video of David Fletcher MBE, this time he gives a short description of the Lanchester Armoured Car:

Pitty the videos are so short, could listen to this gentleman all day!

David Fletcher, the only man besides Patrick Stewart I fangirl about! :)

Battle of Olomouc in Wargaming Video

Hello warriors,

Wargaming continues its series of videos about the liberation of Poland and Czechoslovakia from the German occupation. This time, the video focuses on the battle of Olomouc, a city in north-east Czech Republic. This time with a military historian Pavel Kmoch and the veteran of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps, Václav Přibyl - both talking about why the city could not join the Prague revolt. Two Soviet veterans - Ivan Milentevich Shinkarenko and Lev Samsonovich Anceliovich who participated in the taking of the city also recount their experiences.

Despite the war being days from being over, the Germans were often fighting to the last man. The battles in Czechoslovakia were indeed bloody.

I have no idea why these videos are not on European server, I am sure the Polish (previous parts) and Czechoslovak (this part and the next) players would appreciate the attention.

WG stream Q&A

Hello warriors,

yesterday a stream with developers took place on Russian server (called "Tank Wednesday") - here's what was said in it:

- Havok will come at some point, developers are working on it
- Japanese heavy tanks will come soon
- historical battles will come after 0.9.10
- if some players don't like to go to a hangar after being destroyed, they will according to WG like their garage battle mode
- 0.9.8 will bring an individual mission condition overhaul of many missions
- there will be two split clients - HD and SD, which will differ in texture resolution ("there is no point in downloading too much data if your PC is not up to it anyway")
- no plans to add tier 8 premium artillery
- 0.9.8 patch release should not be delayed even with the 0.9.7 delay

And one correction:

Tomorrow a dedicated test of the garage battle mode should appear (not 0.9.8 test) with 0.9.8 test itself coming next week.