Thursday, 11 June 2015

11.06.2015 Q&A

Regarding Master of Orion:

- The game is made by NGD Studios from Argentina: they made three games, one of which is MMO and neither is very popular.
- MoO will be singleplayer with multiplayer mode;
- There will not be micro-transactions, the game will be "single buy";
- MoO genre will be 4X turn-based strategy;
- Currently MoO is only being prepared for Windows;
- At release there will be 10 different races, each race will be unique by its traits and equipment available;
- The scale of the universe will be selectable when the battle starts;
- There will be 75 unique technologies and about 20 buildings;
- Maps will be two-dimensional;
- The game has nothing to do with WoT or other World of series, there will be no "unified account";
- The game does not use BigWorld engine;
- There will be a map generator.

Regarding World of Tanks:

- There will apparently not be any "European tree";
- Czechoslovaks, Italians and Swedish will likely be separate nations;
- Polish will come one way or another, Romanians and Hugarians - too early to tell.

And the daily, meanwhile in Russia...

Aww... look at him wearing his best battle result on a t-shirt! So cute...

Tankfest 2015: Community Contributors

Hello Warriors,

World of Tanks EU, posted today which community contributors will be attending Tank Fest

I personally will be there on Saturday together with the Mighty Jingles, so if you gonna be there, don't be shy to say hi! :)

International Festival of Military & Tactics, Hungary 2015

Hello Warriors,

check out this Wargaming video of the International Festival of Military & Tactics event in Hungary 2015, the gentleman talking is Brynd (EU/EN Community Manager), a very nice lad:

Japanese tier 5 Heavy on Supertest

First serious Japanese tier 5 heavy tank: Mi-To.

Developed in 1939, it weighed 100 tons. In the game it will be tier 5. It has 4 miniturrets! (Multiturret mechanism still missing)

Weight: 100 tons
Gun: 75mm Type 5 or 105mm howitzer
Penetration: 124/155/38 (the 75mm gun)
Armor: 75/70/70

Lets be honest... this thing looks like a Tog with boobs.

Thank you lucitribal, lets also take a look at this FTR post that this gentleman shared, good call sir:

Armored Warfare: Q&A 5

 Hello Warriors,

A new Q&A from Armored Warfare is now available, if you have any extra questions feel free to ask in the comment section, SilentStalker will be answering. :)

Question: Will the terrain influence the way a tank moves?
Answer: Yes. Terrain in Armored Warfare is separated into three categories:

    Paved roads (asphalt/paved/concrete)
    Off-road terrain (hard, soft, grass)
    Muddy and difficult terrain

For the purpose of the movement calculations, vehicles are split into several categories as well:

    AFV (tracked)
    AFV (wheeled)
    TD (tracked)
    TD (wheeled)
    Light tanks

Each type of terrain interacts a bit differently with each class and influences three main movement parameters – top speed, acceleration and traverse – by giving each of the categories listed above either a certain modifier. Sometimes terrain even gives a bonus to movement: for example the wheeled AFV’s move even faster on paved roads while the tracked AFV’s are doing very well in rough terrain compared to other classes.

Question: Are you planning on adding more wheeled vehicles like a Humvee?
Answer: Yes, many more vehicles are planned.

Question: Will there be artillery with autoloaders?
Answer: We are testing such variant. Our first concern however is to introduce a fun and well-balanced element. Should this mechanism prove unsuitable for the SPG class, we will not insist on having it in the game.

"How well Wargaming support works" Not a fake

Hello Warriors,

noticed a lot of speculation on the "How well Wargaming support works" post was a fake or not, and I can tell you, it is not a fake.
To be honest was my fault, at the time I was under heavy multitasking, didn't explained it right and completely forgot to add the source. But at least I'm capable of calling my own bad shots. :)

So "hakuna your tatas" while I explain...

shh...shh... there you go, all will be fine dear.

Where the hell did the Krokodil come from?

Hello warriors,

it's been a while since the Jagdpanzer E-100 "Krokodil" appeared on World of Tanks forums as the tier 10 German TD candidate. Sure, it looks good but it has one serious problem: it's a fake. Today Yuri Pasholok will explain where the hell did this fake come from.

As many other "German designs" (such as the E90 and E79) the "Krokodil" (the name is made up as well of course) is a fake started by artists on the internet. Internet in general allowed many German lovers to crawl out of woodwork and to start producing imaginary German designs. There is however one organization especially to blame - oddly enough it's French and it is a publishing company called Caractere. Caractere from Marseille is chock full of nazi lovers and is known for promoting some of the most outrageous wehraboo crap that you can read. They just love their nazis - the first number of the military magazine "Batailles & Blind├ęs" was for example dedicated to Tiger, second to Rommel, third to Blitzkrieg in the USSR, fourth to Grossdeutschland, fifth to Jagdtiger, sixth had articles about Theodor Eicke (the commander of Waffen SS Totenkopf division) and so on.

New World of Papoj

Hello Warriors,

new World of Papoj is now available, loved that FV304 (Bert) shot:

Lenovo cooperation in Russia

Hello warriors,

not so long ago, the company Lenovo introduced its new flagship, the P90 smartphone. Now this new device reached Russia. On Russian market, Lenovo is cooperating with Wargaming company - each Russian P90 will come with World of Tanks Blitz pre-installed as well as 30 days of premium account and tier 5 premium tank (RAM II).

Looking back at you, third from the left. *smirk*

To celebrate this cooperation, Wargaming paid for two buses of journalists, took them to the Alabino proving grounds and organized a massive battle for the smartphone. Journalists were given rifles, uniforms and vehicles and were tasked to assault a ruin known as "Pavlov's House" to claim the smartphone boxes. There were pyrotechnics, armored vehicles... it was a war that felt very realistic. The fight lasted three ours and the journalists successfully claimed the phone, allowing its release to RU market, leaving lasting impressions in all the participants.