Saturday, 25 April 2015

25.04.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- It's possible that the woman crew is bugged in 9.7 - the first perk no longer counts as "zero perk" but as the first one, increasing the XP needed for the second one significantly. Storm will investigate.
- Storm confirms that individual missions in 9.7 are bugged (completed ones do not count as "completed", not allowing you to progress to the next one);
- Israeli tank branch was not discussed and won't be added for now;
- There will be a micropatch fixing some of the 9.7 issues (specifically the one with battle results screen UI);
- Storm states that 9.7 did not bring any noticeable issues with FPS;
- According to Storm, considering that it's a new Bigworld version, the 9.7 patch is more or less normal (as in, no big issues);
- Multicore support is not of the highest priority. Storm: "On bad PC's it won't give a serious boost. Everything is processed by the video card";
- Laptop owners are among the players WG is targeting with WoT;
- Developers discussed the eventual appearance of wheeled vehicles in the game. For now, they decided that it is not needed as most wheeled vehicles would be low tiers;
- Low tier vehicles are "absolutely uninteresting to the player masses"(RG: I Disagree),
- Storm confirms that more maps will be gradually removed from the game;
- The only case when individual mission changes do not appear in 9.8 is if WG doesn't manage to finish testing them, otherwise the changes are already decided.

Report of the destruction of Cesky Malin (1871 - 1943)

Hello warriors,

what follows is a translation of a historical document from Czechoslovak military archives (original in Russian and Czech). I don't think it requires any commentary. This document is practically unknown - perhaps that should be changed.

Remnants of the Orthodox Church - also one of the mass graves.


of looting, burning and murder of the Český Malín village and its inhabitants by the hitlerite criminals

hereby written on 3.4.1944 in Český Malín, Ostrozhets district, Rovno region
By the order of General Ludvík Svoboda, the commander of the 1st Independent Brigade in the USSR, a committee was formed to investigate the crime. Following persons were appointed to the committee:

Staff Cpt. JUDr. Procházka Jaroslav (chairman of the committee, political officer)
1stLt. Marcelly Pavel
2ndLt. Štíma Michal,
2ndLt. MUDr Hoenig Jan,
2ndLt. Hermann Hanuš

Based on the recommendation of the mayor, following local persons were appointed as the members of the committee to represent the inhabitants of Český Malín:

Činka Jan Jiří, former mayor
Kinšt Václav Václavovič,
Pospíšilová Anna Jaroslavovna,
Zajícova Marie Josefovna,
Činková Ludmila Václavovna,
Martinovský Josef Aloisovič (from 28.3.1944 a member of Czechoslovak army)
Žrout Antonín Ivanovič

Based on the witness reports, photographies, documents and local investigation, the committee has found the following facts:

SD client at supertest

Hello warriors,

a quick piece of information. WoT RU supertest is currently running a test of a new launcher. In it, you can select whether you want a HD or SD client. The SD client has only low resolution textures and is intended for poor computers. Apparently, according to the leakers, its size is only 5GB, while the HD version of the same client has 10GB.

The leakers speculate that this is connected to the future HD environment (maps and such) as well as the HD tanks and that it will allow the players with poor PC's to play comfortably.

Meanwhile at Wargaming...

Hello warriors,

did you know that Waffenträger E-100 fought at the battle of Halbe in 1945? No? Well it did, according to Wargaming! Because nothing illustrates an event dedicated to a historical battle like a fake tank...

...but wait, there's more!

Check the gun. Something strange about it? Well, it's a 20pdr (or badly drawn L7) British barrel inserted into the base of a 150mm gun. Amazing. I am surprised we don't have this in the game as well...