Sunday, 11 October 2015

11/10/2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Polish tanks in WoT will have their own national crews and ranks
- Centurion 7 HD armor loss was never compensated because it was only small
- Storm believes that the players who complain about the 10.0 customization window looking worse than pre-10.0 are just nostalgic
- Again, confirmed (like it was very long time ago): WT E-100 will be replaced by a Waffentrager with 150mm L/63 gun, without autoloader
- It's not sure whether Skoda T 40 will appear in test 10.0, it is possible the tank will not be available for player preview just like the Panther 88 was not

Armored Warfare: Switzerland's Typhoon

Hello Warriors,

Check out this article from AW on the what looks like an T95 and StuG IV lovechild and what sp15, a nice lad who writes articles for RSR nicknamed as the "Jagdpanzer from the 70′s":

The Switzerland's Typhoon is a tier 6 Tank Destroyer is available in the “Emperor” and “Typhoon” Collector’s Edition bundles. That by the way, AW staff were extra kind and gave me a "Collector’s Edition" code that will be giving away on livestream.

Red, White, Black and Blue, Part 1: The Patton’s Plight!

Author: Ck16

M46 Patton

Hi Everyone!

Today we are going to take a look at the current American tech tree, specifically the current medium branch at the top, tier 9 and 10. Has it been power creeped to death? There will be three total articles covering briefly the development of post war American medium tanks to the early 1960’s. The time line for most high tier tanks from tier 8 to 10. Then the third and final article covering possible solutions for the American medium tree and its spot currently in World of Tanks.

M46 Patton: MORE POWER!

The planning for a new medium tank all started in June 1945, a report given by the Equipment Review Board in Washington D.C. suggested that from the results of tank on tank engagements of WWII there needs to be development of a light, medium and heavy tank each with a set weight limit (23,45, and 75 tons). For the medium tank it was desired to have adequate protection against most modern tank weapons with 8” (203mm) of frontal armor and 3” (76mm) on the side. It would have decent mobility with the appropriate power package, and also mount a weapon capable of knocking out most known armored vehicles of the day.(see [1] pg.7)

Fast forward to 1948 and the order of 10 new medium tank T40’s. These were modernized and improved version of the under powered M26 Pershing. They were given an AV-1790-3 engine putting out 810 gross horsepower (up from the 500hp Ford engine in the Pershing) and a new transmission. This program would result in improved mobility for the modified M26 hull’s used in the test. This development would be noted on the Ordnance Technical Committee Minutes (OTCM) on 30 July 1948 as the standard for the modernized Pershing and deemed the new vehicle as medium tank M46. (see [1] pg.14)


Hello Warriors,

Just to warn you that will be away for most of the day. I'm going to be driving a Chieftain Mk IV and taking an exam, hopefully by the end of the day I will be a certified APC instructor. Shouldn't be felt like learning to ride a bicycle.
The lads at Juniper Leisure who trusted me with their vehicles by allowing me to drive without an instructor on my first day believe I'm ready to jump into this stage. Surely accepted, I mean why not, it wont hurt having "APC Tutor" in my curriculum.

"Indy my friend!"
<Rita Sobral, Livestreamer, Blogger, Tank driver, APC Tutor, Mother of cats, Enslaver of man. That sounds about right... just kidding, wish me luck!

Oh and btw, in a couple hours an historical article is scheduled to go up. Wont leave you empty pocketed. ;)

*Beams out!*