Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Yuri Pasholok Q&A

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Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming's history consultant answered to a new Q&A:

- Of mass-produced autoloading tanks, the Kuerassier is still available for WoT, as is the Somua SM. There were plenty project-only autoloader tanks, including Soviet ones
- The difference between T-54 and T-55 is that the T-54 comes from A.Morozov (who later returned to Kharkov) while the T-55 is purely from Nizhny Tagil. In reality, the T-55 is simply an upgraded version late T-54
- Regarding vehicles armed with naval guns, one of them is the SU-100Y, but both the D-10T and the S-70 have naval roots
- The Japanese Tiger designation Heavy Tank No.VI is realistic, WG historians agreed with the Japanese
- The Japanese Tiger model belongs specifically to the vehicle the Japanese bought in real life
- There are enough French heavy tank projects for second and third branch
- M.Svirin writes about a project of SU-122-44 but with a 100mm D-10 gun, called Grom-1, Yuri Pasholok cannot confirm the existence of this vehicle
- Borgward EP-1 (one of Leopard prototypes) had (a bit strange) automatic loading mechanism
- 15cm L/63 gun was planned to use in the Maus and E-100 tanks (or, rather, SPG's based on these vehicles)
- The most powerful tank engine ever made was the one of Maus
- The Germans not only planned but also used (even in combat) tanks powered by wood gas generators
- The most Soviet-refitted captured tank was the Panzer III (SU-76I)
- Norwegians only had one tank in WW2, the Belgians had several English T-15's, French ACG-1 and T-13 tank destroyers.
- Yugoslavs have few candidates for lowtier tanks, but after the war they designed a whole bunch of interesting tanks
- The info about Chinese vehicles is gained from WG's Chinese partners
- Chinese arty branch will come (when it's done it's done), there is enough info to build it
- If we count SPG projects as well as modern tanks, Yuri Pasholok found around 1500 vehicles in archives
- For now there is no candidate for British tier 8 heavy premium
- If the planned Soviet re-arm program took place before the German attack, the Germans would be meeting the tanks such as SP-126, KV-220 and T-34
- AMX 13 105 in WoT? Unfortunately there are no tier 10 LT's, it has the same gun as the M51 Super Sherman
- The M50 and M51 Israeli designations are fake: the Super Sherman is M4A1E8 and the M50 + M51 are made up by some non-Israeli historian
- Lorraine 40t with a 120mm gun? "Haven't seen such a thing"

KV-4 KTTS Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

have some screenshots of the tier 8 Soviet tank destroyer КV-4 КТТS:

And hold tight, making some other screenshots of this tank for you...

26/10/2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Will the ridiculously expensive pay to win emblems and camos in 10.0 reviewed? Storm: "I cannot say anything", the final decision is not there yet however
- Storm is aware of the clusterfuck the 10.0 emblems caused, WG is still deciding what to do.
- According to Storm, the choice of Emblems UI in 10.0 is much simpler than before
- Q: "WG servers will never support 50 vs 50 without optimization!" A: "Nice to see a specialist in the thread, a professional aware of all the pitfalls of game design..."
- Storm is not very happy that the 10.0 ASAP video on RU server gained a huge number of dislikes but thinks the feedback wouldn't be so bad if the patch was not named 10.0 and wasn't called Rubikon - that is what annoyed most people
- Q: "What prevents you from adding the render range to the minimap?" A: "The fact we didn't start working on it yet"
- The 10.0 numerous game crashes are being fixed
- The bug where the tanks sink into the ground in 10.0 was already fixed
- There are no more ghost shells in 10.0 than there were before
- The "flying trees" bug is present in older versions as well, not just 10.0
- Some maps are bugged in the patch because developers do not want to fix maps partially so each patch doesn't contain the same map update over and over, making it too big. Maps are fixed only once per several patches with all the smaller issues (like flying trees) being fixed at once
- Q: "My T-55 is sealed against nuclear particles, how does it die from the poisonous gas?!" A: "Quickly"
- It's likely the XP gain in Domination was not nerfed but Storm is not sure