Monday, 22 June 2015

22.06.2015 Q&A

Today's "big" topic - Storm made a post about maps. Basically he is asking the following: in his post about penetration nerf, many players whined that mediums have a hard time because now they can't penetrate heavies from the front and can't flank them either because of "corridor" maps. Storm is now asking which maps the players consider "corridor".

- The T95E6, M48A1 and M60 radioman position is historical (it can be both the commander and the loader but commander is more realistic);
- Storm insists: the penetration test is just a test, not a final form of the penetration nerfs;
- there are plans for the next set of individual missions, there will be different tasks than the current ones;
- According to some players, the automatic team search in Team Battles is not working, Storm passed it for investigation;
- Storm was wrong when he said the reworked Prokhorovka became bigger, the size was the same. In any case, Prokhorovka will not be changed, the "reworked Prokhorovka" is an independent map used for internal testing;
- The problem of Dragon Ridge map was not that it was full of corridors but the climbs the slow tanks had to suffer through;
- Allowing players to select maps they dont want to play would make the MM queue much longer (like 5 minutes, but this is an "expert's opinion" - WG did not really test it);
- Average lifetime of player in battle is 4 minutes;
- On Russian server there is now something called a "WoT starter pack" - basically it's a WoT client without most features and with tanks only up to tier 3 to get more players into the game: the client is much smaller and after they reach tier 3 they are offered to download the full client.

And the daily:

22.06.2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

will be streaming for the next hours some Armored Warfare, I'm currently at tier 3 and may have SilentStalker as a platoon mate today. :)

Lets do this:

New aliasing, water and lighting Supertest Renders

Hello Warriors,

There are some new screenies of the new aliasing, water and lighting renders (with a Jagdpanther as example) from Supertest:

9.9 Hidden Changes


Hello Warriors,

according to StranaMechty (a Redditor and very good detective by the looks of it), there are more tank changes than Wargaming has listed in their portals.

This is what he gathered:

-On the vehicles listed by WG, though their average penetration values at 100 meters are not changing, their penetration dropoff values are.
-The values listed on the information cards are only for 100 meters, once a kinetic round passes that point the penetration decays linearly until the round reaches 500 meters, where it ceases dropping. As tanks ascend in tier this dropoff...drops off, becoming less consequential. Tier 10 mediums are the common poster children for this, the ones that fire APCR only lose 10mm at 500 meters (though the -M41 Bulldog and T71 are the secret winners, with only 2mm loss).
-On the 9.9 test server this is changing, with dropoff becoming much more severe. I have compiled a spreadsheet (shock! surprise!) of all affected weapons. Before you click, though, some notes and trends.

  • Some TD-specific variants of existing tank weapons were decoupled from the formerly identical stats of their counterparts. Usually this makes for a more powerful gun on the TDs than on the tanks, but not always. Pay attention to the notes column.
  • Tanks that formerly shared weapons with their tier 10s (ST-I and IS-4), or tier 9s from a different line (T30 and T95) may have been given a new gun with different stats. The 120mm on the AMX 50 120 is now markedly worse than the 120mm on the AMX 50B, for example. These weapons are denoted with a red background on the name and a note in the far right column. In cases such as this I have listed the values of the gun this new weapon was replacing as the "current" values. I do not know if this means unlocking the 113 will unlock the top gun for the WZ-120 (or similar such scenarios) any more.
  • The grey columns are standard ammo, the gold columns premium ammo. If you only see values for 100m penetration, the round is HEAT and does not decay. If you don't see any values in a column set, that particular round has not changed. German 10.5cm KwK 46 L/68, for instance, only had APCR change, so the AP column set is empty.

General Trends - May not always hold true
  • TDs get slightly more powerful variants of tank guns.
  • If a vehicle shares a weapon with its predecessor, it generally gets a slightly improved variant.
  • Penetration dropoff is much more severe with kinetic rounds than it was before.
  • With but a few exceptions, it seems almost everything is tier 8-10, lower tiers largely untouched.
  • Lights and arty untouched.
All changes:

Tiger Day in 40 Seconds

Hello Warriors,

Check out the newest video from The Tank Museum, Tiger day in 40 seconds:

The chubby kid in my personality wonders what lovely treat David Willey was eating...

Also, I was so jealous of Jingles going to the Tiger day... until I got invited to pop in the VCC and have the Tortoise shown around! So excited for this weekend!!!

SP I.C Stats Update

Hello Warriors,

remember the SP I.C that will be the replacement for the German tier 7 light tank Aufklärungspanzer Panther?
More images here.
Well there is new stats for it:

Tier: 7 LT
Hitpoints: 880
Engine: 195 hp
Weight: 9,5 tons
Power-to-weight: 20,53 hp/t
Maximum speed: 58/22 km/h
Hull traverse: 44 deg/s (up from 40)
Turret traverse: 45,9 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,863/1,726 (up from 0,959/1,055/1,822)
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 750

Hull armor: 10/10/10
Turret armor: 15/10/10

Gun: 90mm
Autoloader, 3 rounds
Damage: 240
Penetration: 180
ROF: 7,037
DPM: 1688,8
Reload: 19,58
Accuracy: 0,364
Aimtime: 2,3s
Depression: -10

I also dusted off this post from FTR if you are interested in knowing a bit more about this tank:

IS-5 Available

Hello Warriors,

just to warn that the IS-5, the "Armageddon" CW reward is now available to be purchased for those who participated in the event, even though there isn't any news in the World of Tanks portals with the exception of RU.

To acquire the prize tank, do the following:
  • Go to the map of the event .
  • Click on "Buy a tank."
  • Make sure to have 12k gold in your garage.
 It should look like this:

WG Anniversary Hangar

Hello warriors,

Wargaming is celebrating its anniversary on 12th of August and they prepared an extra epic hangar for the occasion. Here are some screenshots. Rumor has it that the BT-7A will be given for free on this occasion. And note a suspicious T-35 in the background.

There is also a video available from WoT Express:

Building A WW2 Tank Film: A Defense Report On Film (1941)

Good morning lovely Warriors,

one of you, Bullifahrer79 emailed me this educational documentary from 1941, a defense report on how a WW2 tank is assembled:

As someone who loves her M3 Lee (is also my first obtained tank model) this documentary is making me smirk, that's right boys, witness this machine of destruction being built!

*Pets her M3 Lee model and whispers to it: They may laugh at you now but we will make them cry later my dear!*