Saturday, 17 October 2015

8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger 10.0 Changes

Hello Warriors,

as things are very quiet today I took the free time and screenshot the 3D and armor model of the 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger. Oh, and I spoiled you, check out the Gifs bellow each 3D image, left them in link form to spare the mobile readers bandwidth. ;)

There is a tiny bit of information that was missing:
- Speed Limit was buffed to 38 / 12 ( 28 / 12  previous).

And lets remember what was posted a couple days ago:
- Hull MG weakspot disappeared.
- LFP is now 50° instead of 45°, plus the very top part of the LFP is 150mm thick.
- Extra sloped parts on the UFP for the driver and radioman periscopes are less wide, though the driver one now gives you a tiny sport sloped at 75°.
- Hull floor near the front is 40mm now instead of a solid 25mm.
- Superstructure rear is 10° instead of 5°.
- Spare tracks cover a few areas on both sides of the superstructure, they're 270mm thick now.
- Bump on the superstructure front is now pretty much all 150mm thick instead of half being 80mm.
- Superstructure front is now at 15° instead of 11°.
- Mantlet is 250mm-210mm thick instead of 240-150mm, meaning you still won't be penned there.
- Superstructure roof is 45mm instead of 40mm now.

3D Model

Hey look, it moves!

An Unusual Raider

Hello Warriors,

while I'm finishing some other work for the blog check out this video from the Mighty Jingles.

I couldn't believe when he approached me the other day to show a replay of someone who was able to get an Raider medal with a most unusual tank:

Enjoy! :)