Monday, 9 March 2015

09.03.2015 Stream! (Ended)

Streaming now! Gonna be doing some grind and maybe platooning!

Patch 9.6.3 Tomorrow

Dear players,

tomorrow, 9.6.3 minipatch will come to EU and RU servers (possibly NA as well). This patch will bring only one new feature: the option to log into World of Tanks using social networks.

09.03.2015 QA.

Not much new today. There was a little fail of WG EU where the article about women in WW2 had a picture of Russian woman pilots marked as Germans, but it was fixed rather quickly after several players notified them.

Additionally, the Czechoslovak branch is in very initial stages as - according to the Insider - the developers are now working on the first medium premium tank, the T 40 (technical drawing phase).

The 9.7 test will start this week as well apparently (as it usually does, a week after supertest start).

 Oh and one more thing, regarding the "time-limited premium vehicle" event - it's technically possible to limit it not to certain time, but to a certain amount of battles. Whether that will ever happen or not is not sure.

More 0.9.7 Pictures (Heavy on images and Gif.)

FV201 - note its Centurion Mk.II turret and a 17pdr gun. The first picture shows the comparison with Centurion.

Temporary Premium Tanks

Hello guys,

you might find this interesting - temporary premium tanks mechanism arrived on Russian server. The event goes as follows:

From 10.3.2015 to 13.3.2015, using KV-85/KV-2/KV-3/IS/SU-152/ISU-152 or ISU-2, destroy 2 enemy tanks and damage three more. Repeat this 25 times and you will receive temporary SU-122-44 to use for 4 days (after which it will get removed).

What you think?

Skritt Thief says: -Oh! Shinies! I like shinies!"



Hello everyone,

Yuri Pasholok continues with his French series - this time about the upcoming tier 4 vehicle, SARL 42.

Apart from the company FCM that continued to work on the Somua S35 modernization outside of the occupation zone, an analogical development was taking place inside the occupied area. One of the companies working in secret on promising projects was Ateliers de construction de Rueil (ARL) from Rueil-Malmaison, west from Paris. The former tank division of the giant artillery producer APX played major role in pre-war French tank development. ARL developed and produced tank turrets and ARL V39 self-propelled guns were supposed to be produced in the company facilities. Other tanks were developed by ARL as well - from medium to super heavy ones, including the 145-ton ARL Char C.