Sunday, 1 November 2015

WZ-111 on Sketchfab Errata

Hello Warriors,

just to make an update on the WZ-111 model from Sketchfab, you made very good points in the comment section so I went to check on the model a second time and...oh my... I forgot to put it on HD mode.
Dammit Carl!
 I derp often by doing things like wash someone's wallet but rarely stuff like this on PC. *Guilty Smirk* Will blame it on the Southern Comfort I drank to ease my wisdom teeth discomfort...

Although in HD mode the tank still looks pretty bad compared to other HD's but Aaron F. made a good point as the low-res textures are due to the limitations of sketchfab!

I also fetched the 9.10 version of the WZ-111 for comparison:

WZ-111 on Sketchfab

Hello Warriors,

the WZ-111 is now available on Sketchfab, for those unaware Sketchfab is the leading platform to publish and find 3D content which can be used for 3D printing, modded games, etc.

People been calling this "HD" but is definitely not for PC version of WoT due to its poor quality, just look at the holes in the muzzle break. With luck, it can make its way into WoT Xbox.

There is no necessity for these models to have an HD look, although WG does not allow its models to be downloaded I assume they are for 3D printing and such detail wouldn't make into the finished product.

And let me show you examples as I actually have an BC-25T and IS-3 3D printed models from Sandboxr in my bedroom (gifts from Rei_Lin, my "sugardaddy" as I jokingly call to creep him), this is how the quality of 3D printed tanks look in comparison with other types:

Yuri Pasholok's Q&A (01/11/2015)

Hello Warriors,

here is another Q&A batch for you from Yuri Pasholok:

- M4 Sherman with FL-10 turret was considered, if WG decides to implement it, it's possible to do it, but the question is where to put it since WoT doesn't have Arabian crews
- Waffenträger Leopard is a fake according to Yuri Pasholok - there was a project of 105mm self-propelled howitzer on Leopard basis and there was a wooden mock-up made, but WG is not keen on introducing premium SPG's
- It's possible another Soviet heavy tank branch could be built
- 100mm gun was installed experimentally into the T-34-85 turret but the project wasn't very good
- There were at least 3 T-44 hull variants, the mass-produced one was the one most protected
- There were a number of SPG's proposed for KV chassis (other than KV-7 and SU-152) Yuri Pasholok wrote a book about them even
- T-100 and SMK were tested with the M-34 aircraft engine
- There were no TD's based on T-28 chassis - by the end of the 1930s the chassis was considered obsolete
- E-25 with 88mm gun is a fake
- The Grille 15 name for the WT E-100 replacement is historical, some vehicles on Panther chassis were called GW Panther while others were called Grille 15. GW Tiger was called Grille 17
- There are options to build full MT branches for existing nations but not USSR
- There are also options for full LT branches for existing nations
- The oddest superheavy tank project? Kazakhstan 14 thousand ton "walker" made out of reinforced concrete
- AP shells for ML-20S (ISU-152 gun) were developed and deployed in 1943
- Penetration in World of Tanks is a balance parameter, it was mostly like that even before despite WG claims otherwise, for example ZiS-2 on T-34 has 90 degree penetration but German 50mm L/60 penetration value corresponds to 30 degree penetration
- Chieftain is historically not a heavy tank
- There is no work going on another American medium branch
- T110E5 model is historical? "Historicity of paper sketches and a mock-up? Honestly I don't want to get into the discussion about the historicity of the entire concept."
- There is no point in introducing more T110 variants
- There are like 6 variants of T28/T95 in existence
- There was a plan to put 122mm BL-13 on IS-7, as well as 152mm M51 (Object 705A)
- There are no plans for now to introduce FV100 series of British vehicles, FV300 series are under consideration
- 105mm L/52 on Jagdpanther is a fake
- Czechoslovakia has candidates for all branches except for heavy tanks
- Yuri Pasholok hasn't personally seen any other T-54/55 based SPG's and TD's apart from SU-122-54
- There were ideas (a concept) to put 100mm D-10S to SU-122-44 but it was never built
- Yuri Pasholok will consult historical battles with Wargaming - if they ask him
- There was a variant of SU-100 with D-25S gun, but this project was cancelled because it didn't do very well
- Generally the only Tiger-based Waffenträger was Grille 17
- The Czechoslovak T-34-100 is different from the Soviet one
- Object 416 was not mass produced because it's basically a SPG and a strange one too.
- T-100 heavy tank projects? The first one was T-100X (SPG project), then it was T-100Y (this was actually built) and T-100Z (T-100 with a new turret for the 152mm howitzer, the turret was then turned into a fortification), T-103 (coastal defense tank with 130mm gun)
- GW E-100 is a fake
- There are no plans to introduce the gas turbine German tanks to WoT

The Sentinel is coming

Hello Warriors,

hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

Thanks to Kevin N. According to Tanitha, an WoT Producer the Sentinel AC 1 will be coming to World of Tanks PC on 10.1 and World of Tanks Blitz on 2.4 patches which will take place later in December.

Allegedly, this tank will be introduced as an homage to the support the Australian community has shown.

Making sure its the right size for the game...Oh Yuri...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

See Statistics and Armor/3D model:

Also recently Wargaming has recovered an Sentinel which will stay in display at the Cairns Museum that currently closed until 2016 for refurbishment, these are the photos of the transportation from Texas:

VK 45.03 and Panzer 58 Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

new screenshots for you:

VK 45.03

Serb O'Lantern

Hello Warriors,

for those who celebrate Halloween and enjoy stabbing pumpkins, here is a stencile template that Azaz129 made for you:

If you have carved this Serb or any other Tank/Ship decals don't forget to share photos of your pumpkins with us. :)