Monday, 4 May 2015

04.05.2015 Stream (Ended)

Another week has started,

hope Monday has been treating you good!

As usual its time for me to stream a couple hours, will be rocking my usual 80's music and probably gonna do some viewer platooning depending of how the battles will go.

181 Tanks, EU/NA servers:

Make it so!

04.05.2015 Q&A

Not much for today:

- In 0.9.9, Sacred Valley will be reworked yet again;
- 0.9.10, not 1.0.0 will follow after 0.9.9;
- 0.9.10 should bring new motion physics;
- 0.9.10 will according to Evilly be "cool" and "epic".

And the daily dosage of... I don't even know what is that!

T-62A armor model is fracked

Hello warriors, check this out:

In 0.9.7, T-62A turret armor model was screwed. The mantlet was moved inside the turret and now the mantlet part around the gun has 0mm of armor, making every shot a penetration.

Enjoy your high tier battles.

9.7 Micropatch coming tomorrow

Hello warriors,

tomorrow morning, a micropatch will be applied to WoT servers (EU and RU, maybe NA). This micropatch will bring following features:

- Fixed the issue where light tanks and artillery have to wait in queue very long (RG: fun is over guys! Joking! :P );
- Fixed the issue where when calculating the XP left to unlock the next tank, the XP on the previous tank is counted twice ;
- Fixed the issue in Stronghold when something called "order" from the "office building" is removed when transferring to another server (sorry, not sure here);
- Fixed some cases of "freezing" during client authorization.

Apart from that, on Russian server the Stronghold battles (except for raids) will be disabled for two hours.

Armored Warfare: Q&A 3

The third developer Q&A of Armored Warfare is now available, so feast your eyes:

Question: Is there going to be replay system?
Answer: Replays will definitely be a future feature of Armored Warfare but they will not be included in the initial launch. We will go into details about them when the feature is closer to release.

Question: Will there be daily missions?
Answer: Yes, we are working on an objective-based system for PvE Mode, where the players will receive special objectives in each PvE mission. Regarding the PvP objectives however, we do not players to break down the PvP team play by chasing after their individual objectives.

Question: Would it be possible to allow the players to pick the battle that they want to use the double daily reputation bonus in?
Answer: We are considering a system where a player would be able to purchase premium time retroactively - for example buying premium account time after an excellent battle where the premium bonus would be applied to the battle that has just passed. This same mechanism could be in such a case used for daily double bonus purposes as well. Certain base upgrades could also improve the match rewards. Stay tuned for more information.

Question: Will buildings collapse realistically, for example with the use of third party engine such as the “Havok”?
Answer: Yes, we are planning to add realistic object destruction after the release of the game. The reason for the decision to introduce this feature only later on is the complicated implementation that would otherwise delay the release of the game.

Question: What about realistic vehicle classes? I saw in the video that heavy tanks are treated as main battle tanks and the tank support vehicles (like the Terminator) as AFV’s, that doesn’t sound very realistic?
Answer: In order not to complicate the gameplay with many sub-classes, some vehicle classes (such as the heavy tanks) are incorporated into wider categories (in this case, main battle tanks). The historical designation of tank classes is quite complicated (for example some vehicles counted as main battle tanks are actually medium tanks in their original designation). In Armored Warfare, a vehicle's class has to do more with what special Class Features it will have access to. As such, we often evaluate what class features would work well with the real-world configuration of the vehicle. When a vehicle has an absolute designation that should be respected, such as a Main Battle Tank, we will. But many of the non-tank vehicles featured in the game did not have official designations or were classified differently depending on the source, so we often had to pick a final class for the vehicle based on how we expected it to be used in a match. On the other hand, some choices (like the mentioned Terminator tank support vehicle) do deserve a second look. We plan to eventually introduce more classes to the game, such as the self-propelled mortars (an artillery sub-class) - but that depends on the overall artillery solution.

May 1945-th. Landing at Wolin

Check out the newest Youtube video from WG RU channel, this time is about the Landing at Wolin, May 1945:

Glad that Wargaming is investing some time in videos like this (including the subtitles).

Evilly Q&A

Hello warriors,

as mentioned in the last post, Anton "Evilly" Pankov (WoT producer) answered a whole bunch of questions on the history-themed "Portraits of Victory" meeting with players. Here's what he said:

- "new GW E-100" (replacement?) will have bad accuracy and huge alpha
- the fate of Sturmtiger is not decided yet
- hardcap on gold ammo is one of the variants developers are considering to solve the gold ammo spam but there's also a second variant on which developers are currently working
- new chat system punishes vulgar players more strictly, 100 thousand players are getting chat banned once per three days
- Foch 155 will not be replaced to anything historical, there are no candidates. It is possible it will be actually buffed soon (but not by much)
- 0.9.10 patch will be VERY BIG, it will be groundbreaking for WoT and it will come in early autumn
- WG still has a few surprises for players including a new mode that was leaked a while ago
- AMX 65t, a candidate for second branch of French heavies, is still planned
- Havok is still being worked on, WG developed a special version of "Abbey" map but it's still too requiring for older PC's
- KV-5 will not be rebalanced. There are some vague plans to have it equipped with a better gun but nothing concrete
- WG is focusing on making the WoT gameplay on laptops more comfortable
- E-25 model will not be changed (despite the existence of drawings on which it is bigger)
- WG is working on troll platoon ban (it will not be possible to platoon with tanks of too different tiers)
- LT situation is "satisfactory" for Wargaming, it's the most skill-dependent class
- Czechoslovak tanks of the main branch that will come by the end of this year will be "very interesting"
- it is too early to talk about Chinese TD's and artillery but there are vehicles available for both branches
- there will be an option to say "thank you" to good players, soon
- the map Stalingrad is not very successful according to Wargaming, they thought it would be better
- there will be an "European" tree in WoT, there are also enough candidates for a separate Swedish tree and Italians are also considered
- next new batch of individual missions will come next year
- changing the render range from a square to a circle will possibly lead to viewrange buffs, it's too early to tell
- WG is aware that the company mode died out
- there are no plans for second French TD branch
- armored cars were not tested yet even on internal servers
- WT E-100 will be replaced by an open-topped vehicle on Panther chassis, this change will come in winter by the end of this year
- IS-6 won't be touched

Evilly confirms the Czechoslovak branch

Hello warriors,

some time ago, Storm said there would be three branches this year. The French are already out and Storm confirmed the Japanese heavy tanks coming. Now, Anton "Evilly" Pankov (WoT producer) confirmed the identity of the third branch to come this year during the "Portraits of Victory" history-themed meeting with players (can be seen here at 5:40)

It will be the Czechoslovak branch.

According to Evilly, it will be a part of the EU tree (it's possible this is just obsolete info) and it will come by the end of the year. You can learn about the main branch composition here.