Monday, 4 May 2015

Evilly Q&A

Hello warriors,

as mentioned in the last post, Anton "Evilly" Pankov (WoT producer) answered a whole bunch of questions on the history-themed "Portraits of Victory" meeting with players. Here's what he said:

- "new GW E-100" (replacement?) will have bad accuracy and huge alpha
- the fate of Sturmtiger is not decided yet
- hardcap on gold ammo is one of the variants developers are considering to solve the gold ammo spam but there's also a second variant on which developers are currently working
- new chat system punishes vulgar players more strictly, 100 thousand players are getting chat banned once per three days
- Foch 155 will not be replaced to anything historical, there are no candidates. It is possible it will be actually buffed soon (but not by much)
- 0.9.10 patch will be VERY BIG, it will be groundbreaking for WoT and it will come in early autumn
- WG still has a few surprises for players including a new mode that was leaked a while ago
- AMX 65t, a candidate for second branch of French heavies, is still planned
- Havok is still being worked on, WG developed a special version of "Abbey" map but it's still too requiring for older PC's
- KV-5 will not be rebalanced. There are some vague plans to have it equipped with a better gun but nothing concrete
- WG is focusing on making the WoT gameplay on laptops more comfortable
- E-25 model will not be changed (despite the existence of drawings on which it is bigger)
- WG is working on troll platoon ban (it will not be possible to platoon with tanks of too different tiers)
- LT situation is "satisfactory" for Wargaming, it's the most skill-dependent class
- Czechoslovak tanks of the main branch that will come by the end of this year will be "very interesting"
- it is too early to talk about Chinese TD's and artillery but there are vehicles available for both branches
- there will be an option to say "thank you" to good players, soon
- the map Stalingrad is not very successful according to Wargaming, they thought it would be better
- there will be an "European" tree in WoT, there are also enough candidates for a separate Swedish tree and Italians are also considered
- next new batch of individual missions will come next year
- changing the render range from a square to a circle will possibly lead to viewrange buffs, it's too early to tell
- WG is aware that the company mode died out
- there are no plans for second French TD branch
- armored cars were not tested yet even on internal servers
- WT E-100 will be replaced by an open-topped vehicle on Panther chassis, this change will come in winter by the end of this year
- IS-6 won't be touched