Saturday, 10 October 2015

10.0 HD Models Comparison

Hello Warriors,

this is one of my favourite videos made when a new patch comes, check out the before and after on the new HD models for the 10.0 patch:

SU-101 Screenshots & Stat comparison

Hello Warriors,

Have some screenshots for you on how the SU-101 looks like with the 122 mm M62-C2 gun for you. But before...

I was showing the screenies to Jingles that brought me a cup o'coffee  (Bless him!) and I asked him a couple of questions as when it happened what I'm about to tell you is a bit far off my alley. I didn't always pay attention to general changes in the game back in the day and specially about the Soviet TDs as I always had a fling with the German TDs instead.

Basically, and like I mentioned yesterday, the SU-101tier 8 had the 122 mm M62-C2 initially, which is basically the same gun as the IS-4, a tier 10. Wargaming decided to remove because it was too OP and as a big surprise its back now.

Game Balance is a complicated thing and I'm a bit apprehensive about this, in the other hand, I started grinding the Soviet TD line a couple weeks ago and wont lie that once I fully upgrade the soon to be mine SU-101 will have a evil W. Riker sh** eating grin at the prospect of pounding the enemy teams with it.

I also made a gun stats comparison on how different the SU-101 gun is from the IS-4's:

122 mm M62-C2
Tier: 10
Ammo: 28
Damage: 440/440/530
Penetration: 258/340/68
ROF: 5,21
DPM: 2292
Reload time: 11,50
Accuracy: 0,35
Aim time: 2,9
Depression: -2.2/+18.3

Igromir: How it was?

Hello Warriors,

just doing my usual service to the community by sharing the WG babes, and check out too the amazing work the crowd did (tank hats mostly):

I asked WG EU  the other day to get some booth babes too, in events like TankFest but they threatened to bring a sexy WG uniform and put me in it so I just shut up... *giggles*